Wednesday, January 30, 2013


 My little Kameryn Faith is now four years old.  {Sigh}.
I can hardly believe it.
We had such a special day, celebrating this little princess.
The morning started with donuts from Daddy, and a few presents . . .
Later we welcomed our guests . . .
Great Nana and Kam didn't even plan the matchy-matchy ;)
We each grabbed a magic wand and twirled about through the house . . .
{juuuuust kidding}
But we did grab these:
{I cannot resist a chocolate cupcake, folks}
Then there were wishes made, candles blown out . . .
and even more presents to open.
The birthday girl was gracious enough to let her little sissy in on the action.
And we ended the afternoon with modeling ~ princess style.
 I'd say it was a pretty sweet day.

Now . . . the Valentine countdown is on.  And then ~ on to Kenners' birthday! 
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Kelli W said...

I can't resist a chocolate cupcake either! Looks like a wonderful 4th birthday for Kam!

Jenny said...

So sweet! Kam looks so tall in these pics. I see some American Girl stuff!

marie said...

American Girl stuff, oh what a great bday gift. And so much pink, exactly how a little girls party should be!

Sarah Kate said...

Wow! Four! She looks so pretty in her princess Kam costume!

I guess with six people, it's always either someone's birthday or Christmas, huh? :o)

Emmy said...

Happy Birthday to you sweet girl! Love that last picture she truly is a princess. Looks like it was a wonderful birthday. Your pictures are always so beautiful

mail4rosey said...

What a sweet looking little one! Happy birthday to her. :)

Foursons said...

It looks like you pulled off the perfect celebration. Lots of smiles, lots of chocolate, and matching outfits. :D

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