Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Easter kinda snuck up on us  this year.
So we didn't get to the egg coloring until Saturday afternoon.


{Kam *was* enjoying the egg coloring, I promise.
She just kept making these "I'm bored" faces.}

Once the eggs were done, we moved on to a little baking . . .

And food prep the rest of the day.

 On Sunday morning, I made the girls pose for 2.3 seconds, so I could get a group shot . . .

And when Daddy came into the house, we decided we had an extra second to spare, so we tied him up, gagged him, and forced him in to a family picture.

And then it was off to Church . . .


. . . Where we got to spend the morning with some of our very favorite people <3 p="">
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Monday, March 30, 2015

Missing A Couple

We were supposed to spend last weekend at the beach with Jeremy's extended family.

I bought new My Little Pony activity books for the little girls.

We cleaned out the car.

I cooked {we were in charge of dinner one night}

And we packed our bags . . .

So it came as no surprise that the little girls started running fevers two days before the trip.

I prayed they'd get better fast, but no such luck.

So Jeremy took the big girls with him to Depoe Bay for the day.

And I got time with my littles.

By Saturday they were feeling a bit better, and I was determined to make their "at home" day

something special.

We started with coloring pages . . .

We love to color ♥

Then we decided that our "pets" needed appropriate pet beds.

A little duct tape, and an old storage container . . .  

And voila!  Pet Bed for Grumpy Cat:

We made one for Tay's pet too :)

The girls were on a roll by then, so we proceeded with these adorable
Q-tip Lambs ♥  

It was "the best craft day EVER!" according to Kam and Tay.

What a blessing to have some time alone with them. 

We've had such beautiful days, we just had to get out in it, at least for a few minutes.

Before heading outside I debated having Tay change out of her jammies, but . . .

you know, that's real life for us.  Jammy-clad three year olds has been the norm here for years!

We had so much fun together, but now I'm ready for everyone to feel better so we can proceed with our plans!

Hope you all have managed to stay well! 
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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Blue Skies & Sisters . . . Nothin' Better.

 It has been unseasonably GORGEOUS 'round these parts, and we can't get enough!

As soon as we're done with school for the day, we head outside to help Daddy with work projects,

or just to enjoy the glorious sunshine.

The other day the girls were swinging,

Tay had had enough . . .

So, the super cool big sissy that Kam is, she donned her helmet {yes, I realize that it should've been the other way around, lol!}, and took Tay for a spin in the wagon.

But after awhile, Kam got tired.  And, well, a little grumpy.

Because it's hard to be six, right?  Six is a tough age that comes with a LOT of hormones,

I'm finding out {or being reminded of . . . for the third time}.

But then the sweetest thing happened.

Tay found her, and proceeded to just BE THERE for her.
 She squeezed.
 She imparted some younger sisterly wisdom.

And soon, Kam's smile returned.
 Are sisters, like, the GREATEST thing in the world??

I know I'm blessed by mine, and my girls are blessed by theirs.
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Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy 10th Birthday, Makenna Nicole!

 Sweet Makenna, you are 10 years old today!! Double digits!  How quickly we arrived here. I swear it was just yesterday I was cuddling a three year old.

Makenna, you are like a breath of fresh air, when life seems chaotic.

You are my most go-with-the-flow, little Darlin

When plans change at the last minute (as they often do) you are least likely to let that bother you. 

You take your time in everything you do. From the time you were tiny, there was no rushing you. 

You are also an extremely sensitive soul.

 You think deeply, love fiercely, and are completely uninhibited. 

You are, by far, the silliest of your sisters! Once you get in one of your moods, and the giggles start, you drag all of us along with you!

You've become a tremendous help. Not so long ago you were content to let Sissy handle the big jobs, but these days, I can count on you to help wherever needed.

You are WONDERFUL with children. That is where you shine. 

You are patient with others, and a true teacher at heart.

In fact, you want to be a preschool teacher when you grow up.

And if that's what you pursue, I just know you'll be amazing.

You have a smile that lights up the greyest day, and a giggle that is infectious.

I thank God each day that He has entrusted us with you.

Happy Birthday, my Darlin Girl!

We love you so much!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Happy 6th Birthday, Kameryn Faith


If six doesn't just sound a whole lot older than five.

My third baby girl is six today.

Happy Birthday, Miss Kameryn Faith!

It surely seems like merely months ago that you were born.

Just weeks ago that you were toddling around.


And all of a sudden, here you are a young lady.

You are the girliest girl I have ever known.

You are in love with headbands, hair bows, earrings, and everything frilly.

You see the beauty in everything around you,

and delight in the tiniest of things.  

And I LOVE that about you! 

You are such a reminder to me, never to overlook the small things.

Because, in your eyes, nothing is too small to celebrate.

You are wise beyond your years,

and the kindest, most loving,

and compassionate child. 

You fill our home with love and laughter each and every day.
 Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

Love you to the moon!
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