Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Countdown to Christmas 2019

Whoa. The middle of December already??

I am sooooo far behind, but I'm going to attempt to do a little catch up on our
Countdown to Christmas activities.

Most of our days have been documented, but sadly many of the photos
still reside on my camera.

So, we'll have to make do with a mini recap of the last few days!

On Saturday we finally got our tree!

It is HUGE, y'all.  It took multiple days to decorate, but I'm pleased to say it's UP!


Sunday was spent making Cut-Out Sugar Cookies.


Monday we went over to my parents' house, and decorated their tree.


Tuesday we had errands to run, so we stopped in at an adorable
coffee shop we've been wanting to try, while Sierra was getting her nails done.
Kam, Tay, and I enjoyed yummy scones and Rice Krispie Treats, and we
ordered a coffee to go for Sis.



We'll be decorating at Grandma's tonight!

What kinds of fun have you been up to?

Looking for ideas for your Countdown?
Check out years past:


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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Happy 17th Birthday Sierra Elizabeth

Last night I had a dream that Sierra was turning 18, not 17.
And that she and her friend were moving away from me forever.
I woke up crying. 
Like, literal tears streaming down my face while I struggled to catch my breath.

One more year of “whole” family dinners ‘round the dinner table.
Of  Sissy flopping down on my bed, keeping me company as I wash my face each night.
One more year of family vacations, and movie nights.
Of girl talk and daydreams and plans.

It physically hurts to think about what it will be like when she no longer lives at home.
But then, it’s simultaneously exciting to think about the future God has in store for her.
Oh how I wish they would have prepared me for this roller coaster of emotion when I was in the hospital with her, seventeen years ago.
We only have them such a short time y’all.
Which means I’d  better focus on the 365 days ahead of me. 
And cherish the memories from the last 6,208.

Sierra Elizabeth:

You are beautiful, smart, and kind.

You are neat and tidy, and need everything to be in its place.

You are organized and determined.
You know how to get things done, and almost always
have an idea of the perfect way to do it.

You are the best big sister. Ever.
God knew exactly what your little sisters would need:
Guidance, love, and protection.
They have all that and more in you.
You are strong and capable, yet soft and compassionate.

You love to get dressed up and wear makeup.
But you are at least as comfortable throwing on
Your hunting clothes and spending a week in the middle of nowhere
 stalking Antelope.

Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined the blessings you would bring to us.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!
We love you to the moon!!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Happy 8th Birthday, Tay Tay

Happy 8th Birthday to our Taylor Grace.
It doesn't seem possible that it's been eight whole years since the day you were born;
but conversely, it seems we've known you an eternity.

Taylor, you keep us on our toes every day.

* You are kind and thoughtful;
and as you get older, you are the biggest helper!

*You like things neat and tidy {like big Sis, Sierra}

*You are the only person in this house that can scoop up Luna, and tote her around.
She wouldn't tolerate even a second of that nonsense from any of the rest of us.

*You know what you want, and you are particular about how you want it.
Just because you're the youngest does not mean you'll let others walk all over you.

*You're a homebody like your mama.

*You still maintain that you are never getting married 
{you don't want to have to share the parmesan cheese}, 
nor having children {they're too loud, and you want your freedom}.
And that as soon as you turn 18 you are buying yourself a pig.

*You are gentle and loving with animals.
It will not surprise me one bit if you grow up to work with animals in some capacity.

You are such a bright ray of sunshine in our lives.
You make us laugh each and every day.

We love you to the moon, Taylor Grace! ♥

Scroll down for eleventy million photos, *and* links to past Birthday posts ♥

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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Happy Birthday, Makenna Nicole

 Why does time just fly by at warp speed?? 

Y'all, my second oldest baby girl is 14 today.
I really don't know how it is possible, because it truly feels
like yesterday that she was THIS big:

Or this big:

 Or even this big:

But certainly not a teenager . . . let alone a second year teenager.

Makenna Nicole,

You are:

Creative, and innovative.
You love making projects, and figuring out how things work.

You are witty and fun,
but you also take things seriously.
You want everything to be fair and just.

You are THE ONE to go to to figure out a plan of attack.
You may not be neat and tidy. You may not love to organize.
But you always seem to know just what to do to get to the end goal.

You have high expectations for yourself and others.
You are kind and compassionate, loving, and caring.

And we love you to the moon!
Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

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