Sunday, June 18, 2017

Let's Flamingle!

Miss Tay has decided that Flamingoes are a new favorite, 
which pretty much sealed the deal for a 
Flamingo "6th" Birthday Party.
That was fine by me!
I have loved Flamingoes since I was a little girl myself.

It was just a tiny, little family party,
but that suited us just fine.

We decorated, and made yummy treats just the same.
Tay loved these little pineapple pops.
I used marshmallows instead of cake, and they held their shape great!
And for the pink pops, I used brownies ~ Makenna's favorite.

Wishes were made,
candles were blown,

Gifts were unwrapped.

And my littlest baby girl is now six years old :(

I need time to slow down!

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Happy Birthday Tay Tay!

Oh  my goodness.
I said it nearly nine years ago when my oldest turned six, and I've said it with every six year old since.
Six seems SO MUCH OLDER than five.
Six = big girl.
{Particularly in the Fraijo house where every child seems to be in the 97th percentile for height!}
Five is still tiny.
And this year . . .  today, in fact, my youngest baby girl turns six.
I have no more tinies :(

Miss Tay, Happy Sixth Birthday to you ♥

Six years ago you came into this world ~  a big set of lungs, and the most gorgeous little face ever.
And you fit right in to this family.

You tried to catch up to your big sissies. 

You wanted to do everything they did.

And eventually, you toddled right off after them.

You still have a big set of lungs ;)

You have opinions, and like to be heard.

But you're the sweetest cuddler too.

You tell great stories.

And you LOVE animals.

At the moment pigs are your favorites.
You ask for a pet pig about 10 times every single day.

But I *think* you'd be happy with a horse, or puppy, or any pet you could call your very own.

You still don't like to sit still long enough to be read to,
but you could play with Legos for hours.

You enjoy being outside,
but only if the bugs stay away ;)
{I get it!}

You still have a rough time on car rides.

Poor thing, you can't travel far without getting car sick.

But you're a rock star on an airplane.

Which is a good thing, because we traveled by plane three times this year!

You love Disneyland,
had a great time in Maine, and San Diego . . .

But you'd rather be HOME than anywhere else.

You are a new adventure every day.
A new, exciting way to view the world.
A laugh a minute.
A hug.
A smile.
You're our Tay-Tay.
And we love you to the moon!

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Sunny Days & A Start to Summer!

I keep waiting for the time of year when life "slows down",
but I don't think that time exists. So on we go, plowing through!

Jeremy {and his best friend, and my dad} all went on their annual bear hunting trip
the middle of last month.  
The weather finally started to shape up, so they took the opportunity to get away.
And they had a great time!

I've been working on a Busy Book to send to our friends who are making the looooong trek from 
Maine to Oregon in LESS THAN A WEEK!

Two babies 3 and under . . . on a plane cross country . . .
girlfriend's gonna need some magic tricks.

Last week we got to have dinner at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm.
It was such fun; a beautiful evening for an outside dinner amidst a gorgeous backdrop.

We love visiting Wooden Shoe each April to ooooh and ahhhhh over the tulips,
but visiting in June was a whole new experience!
So many gorgeous blooms.

And we've even gotten in plenty of family visit time.
The girls' cousin, Kuaile, got to come out for a couple of days, and it was NON STOP fun!

And we made our annual trip to Lincoln City with Jeremy's side of the family last month.
{Photos to follow soon}.
25 people in one beach house . . . there were so many memories to be made!

What does the start to your Summer look like?

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Saturday, June 3, 2017

San Diego 2017

Oh my lands.  
With so much going on this year, I completely spaced blogging our San Diego trip.

It has definitely been a whirlwind of a year, and it's barely June!

We started January off with a trip to Disneyland ,
came home to celebrate Kameryn's 8th birthday, 
and then basically turned right around to fly to San Diego for a week.

Poor Jerm wound up with a virus before leaving, and we kept praying it'd get better.
No such luck. 
He was miserable for most of our trip, right up until we made a stop at Urgent Care.
A sinus and ear infection, plus bronchitis diagnosis meant a strong dose of antibiotics.
And he was feeling much better juuuuuuust as it was time to head home.
But there were many great memories made just the same.

The trip was actually a work conference for Jeremy,
so he was tied up for several hours each day, which meant some exploring for us girls.
Our hotel opened up RIGHT onto Seaport Village ~ an adorable collection of boutiques and restaurants sure to keep us busy for DAYS.

We found THE most adorable cupcakery: Frost Me Cupcakes

They were featured on The Cupcake Wars ~
So the girls *obviously* had to try them out.

Then it was off to have fortunes read by the Zoltar Machine :)

There was plenty of picture taking.

And we even set sail on "The Seal":
A bus that transforms to a boat.
We toured the city, and then plopped right into the water for a sea tour.

This little miss LOVED the sights.

And these guys were pretty adorable, soaking up the rays.

I highly recommend this tour if you are in the San Diego area.
We were blessed with Captain: Liz and First Mate: Ross as our guide.
Truly, it was money well spent!

And then back to Seaport Village we went;
for Ice Cream treats, of course!

For five girls who love to shop, it was pretty much paradise.

We browsed the waterfront a little more,

Documented with a few more photographs.
Then it was time to head home.
And now we're ready to go back! ;)

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