Monday, March 23, 2020

Keeping Busy . . . Indoors

Being cooped up *indoors* requires a little more creativity.
But ~ fear not ~ if you're dealing with less than stellar weather, there are still 
plenty of things to keep the kids occupied!

1. Cupcake Wars
One of our favorite places to be is the kitchen.
The girls love to bake, and create new recipes.
Everybody wins with Cupcake Wars:
Kids get to create.
There is healthy competition.
You get to eat cupcakes.
What more could you want, really?

2. BINGO or Board Games With Prizes {or without}
I try to pick up little prizes throughout the year,  
and put them away just for Game Nights.  
Play-Doh, glow sticks, bracelets, notebooks, etc. for the little girls;
and beauty items, stationery, cozy socks, etc. for the older ones.
BUT ~ Game Day is just as fun without prizes!
Some of our favorites are:
Apples to Apples
{And ANY Gamewright Games!}

3. Crafts
We do a LOT of crafting 'round here.
Sometimes I'll stock up on craft kits at Michaels or JoAnns.
But if you don't have anything like that at home, no worries.

If you have printer paper Q-tips, glue, and a pen, you're set with this springtime craft:

My younger girls have 326 million tiny stuffed animals.
If you're in the same boat, try making a "pet bed" for one of them.

Any small plastic container will work.
Cut out a slot in the front, and start decorating with Duck Tape
{or wrapping paper, printed scrapbook paper, etc.}

Sew a little, fluffy pillow, and voila!

4.  Puzzles
These things can take days to complete y'all.
If you have the patience for it, you've just taken care of the better half of your week!

5. Movie Night {or Day!}
Who remembers going to Blockbuster or Hollywood Video to pick out a movie rental?
Wasn't that the best thing ever??
I kind of miss those days, but I'm not gonna lie,
the ease of renting a movie now is pretty wonderful.

Gather up your favorite people, candy bars, and snuggly blankets,
pop some popcorn, and you're set.

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Friday, March 20, 2020

Keeping Busy

I'm *kind of* an introvert, 
so staying home is definitely more of a reward than a punishment,
as far as I'm concerned. But not everyone in my house agrees, so I've been
compiling a list of things to do when cabin fever sets in.

Maybe you need some ideas too.
Share what you've been up to, so we can all add to our lists!

1. Take a Hike {or Bike!}
If the weather is nice {and it has been the last few days here in Oregon!},
one of our favorite things to do is take a nature walk.
We are blessed to live on 20 acres, and "right next door" to my parents ~
who also have 20 acres.  There is a lot to explore!
But whether you have acres of land, or live in a neighborhood, get outdoors 
and get some fresh air.  
Make a scavenger hunt list, and check off items as you see them.

2. Tie Dye or Paint on Clothing
This is a perfect sunny-day activity.
I purchased a fantastic Tie Dye Kit on Amazon

3. Take up a New Hobby . . .  or practice one you already love.
Tay got a new bow a few months ago, and has already improved so much!

4. Go For A Drive!
Stay close to home, or hit the road; and explore country you haven't before.

5. Whip Up Some Yummy Treats

Food makes me happy.  It brightens my day.
If you're the same, whip up a new drink or treat recipe to share with the fam.

A few to try:

{click for recipe}

{click for recipe}

CandyBar Milkshakes
{Blend vanilla ice cream ~ or any kind ya like, 
with Oreo cookies, candy bars, and chocolate syrup.
Coat inside of a mug with chocolate and caramel syrups, add milkshake,
and top with whipped cream, cookies, and candy bars}
Your family will love you forever.  Pinky promise.

I'll be back with some indoor activities in case your weather is less than gorgeous.
Stay healthy, y'all ♥

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