Monday, January 27, 2014

♥ 5 Years ♥

Ahhhh, I don't even know where to begin.
5 years seems like such an enormous milestone.
Five. Whew.
I find myself regularly wanting to stop time so that I can cherish every single second.
I miss the teeny tiny baby days so much.
{And I apologize in advance for the fourmillionty photos to follow.
I just couldn't choose}.

So. Miss Kameryn.
Five years ago today, we got to meet you on the outside.
After two weeks of bedrest in the hospital, I was sooooo ready to see your beautiful face.

 We had a rough start, but you grew like a little weed.

Oh dear heavens . . . 

 . . . that little face . . .

 Before we knew it, you were 1!
This photo CRACKS me up.
You were very excited about your cake :)

And then, practically overnight . . .

 . . . you weren't a baby anymore :(

When you were 21 months old, we found out that you were going to be a big sister!!!

And you came with me to every.single.appointment.
Such a big helper.

 And then, you got to meet your little sister for the first time.
You've always been so patient with Miss Taylor.

In another blink, you were three.

And you wanted to do everything your big sissies were doing.
Dance lessons were at the top of your list.

 You've always been my girly girly GIRLY girl :)
If it's pink, if it's princessy, it's all you!

And I could listen to you talk, and watch your facial expressions
You don't censor one little bit ;)
Biggest Sissy, Sierra, has always been in love with your little wrinkly bunny nose.

Speaking of bunnies . . . the bunny hole at Enchanted Forest, hehehehe.

I've always loved this photo of you.  Precious.

You are greatly blessed with friends.
Miss Mona is a cousin and a friend.
Special indeed!

 At the dentist! :)

You're as cute as a button . . .


Sweet as sugar . . .

And the most precious "half-twin" this mama could ever have asked for.

I love you so so so much, Sweet Girl.
You bring me the greatest joy each and every day.
Happy Birthday, Miss Kameryn!

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Braces on!

Sierra got her braces this week.
This just seems like such a grown up thing.
Another milestone among the many we've had lately.

She was so excited to be able to choose her colors.
She and Daddy had discussed the options, in depth, the night before.

The last "before" photo :(
She will never look like this again.

The brackets . . . on!


Big Cow & Little Cow . . . these two stuffies have come along to EVERY
dental appointment Sierra has ever had :)

And finally . . . new beginnings.

Now ~ deep breath . . . I have a baby turning 5 in less than a week.
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Saturday, January 18, 2014


This little Miss . . .
is fixin' to turn 5!!

I cannot wrap my mind around this.
It's such a milestone, isn't it?
 CRAZY.  Oh, sometimes I wish life had a pause button.

So much going on here!
Sissy gets braces on Monday.
*Another* milestone. Eeek!
And I had every intention of snapping some photos at her dentist appointment last week.
I wanted to capture each moment, every step of the way of our new adventure.
So. I packed my camera in my bag, and hauled it to the appointment.
And proceeded to NOT take a single picture :(
I don't know where my brain is.
I have no memory anymore.
But I do have good intentions.

We have a full week coming up.
Visits with friends, my sister is coming for a visit, braces for Sierra, and party prep for
Miss Kam's 5th birthday party!!!

Ahhhhh, I'm tired already! ;)

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Back to the Living
We have been sicker than sick around here.
A week or so before Christmas all of us started feeling a little under the weather.

But we made it through a crazy, busy Christmas Day.
I love Christmas, and I love Family.
But our Christmas Day is crazy.
It starts bright and early at home where we open our presents to each other.
Then we quickly pack up gifts to head to Jeremy's parent's house.
We spend the rest of the morning and early afternoon there, enjoying our time with them,
and eating a delicious brunch! :)
After that we head home to drop off gifts received, and pick up more gifts that are destined for my parent's house.
We then get to spend time with my parents and siblings and their families.
By evening it's time to stop by the house again to drop off and pick up more gifts.
Then on to Jeremy's grandparents house for our final stop.
And finally we return home, often not before 9 or 10pm.

It makes for an awfully long day.
Especially for little ones.
Especially when  no one is feeling their best.

So it was no wonder that after trying to fight off a virus,
it finally took hold right after Christmas Day.
And goodness, did it take hold!
Tay and I were the firsts, followed by Kam, then Sierra, and Kenners.
And it has been MISERABLE.
But we have been a fever-free house for two days! 

So, finally . . .
Christmas re-cap:

Christmas morning at our house.
Sierra got a new Remington hat she's been wanting for awhile :) 

Kenners got a new hat too!

Then up to Grandma and Grandpa's!

Tay was getting the hang of it by this time ;)

Kam loves her nightgowns :)

And then . . . we had a surprise visitor!!
Santa stopped by because he forgot to deliver a gift.
Ten gifts, actually.
Each box with a letter that the girls were to unscramble.

Hmmm . . . what are we trying to spell?

Looks like Disneyland!

Grandma and Grandpa are taking the six of us
{and Uncle Josh too!}
to Disneyland in May!

Do the girls look excited?
Just a little ;)

Special presents for our trip:
Minnie tees, autograph books, luggage tags, and coin purses.

And then it was on to my mom and dad's where Taylor and Monique
had a very intense conversation ;)

We play BINGO with my parents every New Year's Eve,
but we were so sick this year, we had to postpone.
Finally, a couple nights ago we were well enough to venture out of the house for a mini version.

We even made some super yummy drinks to take with us:
 And here we are.
On the mend.
Getting back in the swing of things.
We started back to school today, with a new and improved attitude!

What have y'all been up to??

Stay healthy ♥
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