Saturday, January 18, 2014


This little Miss . . .
is fixin' to turn 5!!

I cannot wrap my mind around this.
It's such a milestone, isn't it?
 CRAZY.  Oh, sometimes I wish life had a pause button.

So much going on here!
Sissy gets braces on Monday.
*Another* milestone. Eeek!
And I had every intention of snapping some photos at her dentist appointment last week.
I wanted to capture each moment, every step of the way of our new adventure.
So. I packed my camera in my bag, and hauled it to the appointment.
And proceeded to NOT take a single picture :(
I don't know where my brain is.
I have no memory anymore.
But I do have good intentions.

We have a full week coming up.
Visits with friends, my sister is coming for a visit, braces for Sierra, and party prep for
Miss Kam's 5th birthday party!!!

Ahhhhh, I'm tired already! ;)

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Foursons said...

How long have you had your blog Liz? Have I known Kam since she was born? I honestly think I have, but my mind sometimes doesn't work like it used to. Happy 5th Birthday Kam! 5 IS a big one!

This Old House said...

5 is a big birthday, for sure! : ) Glad you all are doing well!

Jenny said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe she'll be 5. I remember when you had her! Happy Birthday to miss Kam!

Susana said...

I can't begin to believe our babies are turning five this year, Liz! It is the most bittersweet birthday year for me yet as a mom. These days I'm just so thankful for healthy and happy and trying hard to enjoy the present. It's all passing way too fast. Good luck with the braces and the party!! Have lots of ice cream for both :).

Hugs and prayers of happiness and health from us to yall!


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