Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Happy 8th Birthday, Tay Tay

Happy 8th Birthday to our Taylor Grace.
It doesn't seem possible that it's been eight whole years since the day you were born;
but conversely, it seems we've known you an eternity.

Taylor, you keep us on our toes every day.

* You are kind and thoughtful;
and as you get older, you are the biggest helper!

*You like things neat and tidy {like big Sis, Sierra}

*You are the only person in this house that can scoop up Luna, and tote her around.
She wouldn't tolerate even a second of that nonsense from any of the rest of us.

*You know what you want, and you are particular about how you want it.
Just because you're the youngest does not mean you'll let others walk all over you.

*You're a homebody like your mama.

*You still maintain that you are never getting married 
{you don't want to have to share the parmesan cheese}, 
nor having children {they're too loud, and you want your freedom}.
And that as soon as you turn 18 you are buying yourself a pig.

*You are gentle and loving with animals.
It will not surprise me one bit if you grow up to work with animals in some capacity.

You are such a bright ray of sunshine in our lives.
You make us laugh each and every day.

We love you to the moon, Taylor Grace! ♥

Scroll down for eleventy million photos, *and* links to past Birthday posts ♥

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