Wednesday, April 18, 2012

♥ 10 Months ♥

Goodness, Miss Tay, you are growing like a little weed! 
It is so hard for me to believe you are 10 months old already.

This has been a difficult month for us, hasn't it?

Oh yes.  We've all been doing a lot of this:

But we feel so blessed to have you around, keeping smiles on our faces during such a sad time.

Your first Easter was especially special.


I love how you just pulled at the grass like, "what the heck is this stuff, Mom?"

We've even had a couple of days of sunshine.  You + sunshine = a definite mood booster!

You seem very determined to grow up on me just as quickly as you can.
You are standing up on your own now.  Just a matter of time before you take your first steps. 

I think you're going to be a talker like your big sissy, Kam.  You're always blabbing away about something.  And it's usually about twice as loud as everyone else ;)

We just love every little thing about you, sweet girl.

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