Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Annual Beach Trip - Take 1

Our annual beach trip to Seaside was postponed a couple of months this year. With two big trips within weeks of each other starting our 2017, we thought it best to wait a bit before hitting the road again. 
Plus- we were secretly hoping that Oregon would get its weather act together by April, and dry out a bit! 
No such luck, really, but that's okay! 
We had a fabulous time anyway.

Our first day started with lunch at Camp 18, and then we hurried on down to the beach for some splashing before the rains came.

The little girls managed to stay relatively dry for all of two minutes...

Before the waves became too hard to resist.

Sissy and Daddy <3

It was the perfect first day, packing it all in... before the rains came on day 2...




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