Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy 10th Birthday, Makenna Nicole!

 Sweet Makenna, you are 10 years old today!! Double digits!  How quickly we arrived here. I swear it was just yesterday I was cuddling a three year old.

Makenna, you are like a breath of fresh air, when life seems chaotic.

You are my most go-with-the-flow, little Darlin

When plans change at the last minute (as they often do) you are least likely to let that bother you. 

You take your time in everything you do. From the time you were tiny, there was no rushing you. 

You are also an extremely sensitive soul.

 You think deeply, love fiercely, and are completely uninhibited. 

You are, by far, the silliest of your sisters! Once you get in one of your moods, and the giggles start, you drag all of us along with you!

You've become a tremendous help. Not so long ago you were content to let Sissy handle the big jobs, but these days, I can count on you to help wherever needed.

You are WONDERFUL with children. That is where you shine. 

You are patient with others, and a true teacher at heart.

In fact, you want to be a preschool teacher when you grow up.

And if that's what you pursue, I just know you'll be amazing.

You have a smile that lights up the greyest day, and a giggle that is infectious.

I thank God each day that He has entrusted us with you.

Happy Birthday, my Darlin Girl!

We love you so much!!


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