Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Fun!

 Oh we had such a fabulous Easter!

It started out all beautiful and sunshiny.

The girls hunted for eggs at home,

and found their baskets.

Then it was off to church.

Littlest Miss busily colored ♥

During the service, the skies opened up and it poured!  My MIL and I gave each other "the look" because ~ obligatory Easter photos!

But just like magic, the sermon concluded, the rain stopped, and some sun peeked through.


Look how adorable ~ Grandma coordinated perfectly with the girls!

And we ended the day with an egg hunt and YUMMY dinner at my mom and dad's.
 How did you spend your Easter??

Hope it was a lovely day! ♥
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Monday, March 28, 2016

To The Beach We Go!

 Last weekend, we headed to the beach for another fun trip! 

In the words of Jeremy's friend: "You guys should just buy a beach house, you're there so often!"
And we kinda are.  I love the beach so much.  I just feel at peace there.

But this trip was different.
A little extra special.

It was a gift to Jeremy's grandparents ~ a weekend at the beach with EVERYONE.

I'm going to be real: I was a little nervous.
I struggle with anxiety just leaving the house.
Car trips of any kind leave me with all sorts of stomach issues.
Add to that 29 people in one beach house for the weekend . . . I was nervous.
That Tay would throw up the entire drive there
{this happens often, so not a completely ridiculous fear}
That I would forget something.
That the meal I was in charge of was going to suck.
And all of the ridiculous things I fear every day.

But, set out we did!

We had games and activities for the car prepped,

Kindles charged,

And we got to stop for a buffet-lunch at a restaurant over-looking the ocean!

We even got to stop at a light house to grab a few photos.

Then we settled in.

Explored some amazing tide pools:
 And got some fun beach time with all the cousins.
We ate meals together,
played games,
colored eggs,
made crafts,
stayed up WAAAAAAY past our bedtime.
It was one of the happiest trips we've ever had.
I'm so glad we were able to go.
And I realized something:
It is a task to get that many people together in one place, at one time.
It requires sacrifice.
It takes planning, re-arranging of schedules, working together.
But it is worth it!
Every moment was a memory made.
A precious gift to be able to spend time with those who mean so much.
Tomorrow isn't promised, so make time today!
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