Friday, April 18, 2014

New Blog

Over the last few months, I've had a harder and harder time using Blogger. 
And most recently, I can't post at all  from my computer
 (I'm using my phone to post this.... Soooooo fun).

So, while  it makes me sad (and frustrated, because I have no technological ability, whatsoever) 
it is time to move to a new blog. 
If you want to follow along, head on over!
I'd love to have ya!

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Countdown Part 2

We're continuing our Disney Count Down with . . .

Day2 ~ Letters to Disney characters.

Kam chose to write to Ariel, her "second favorite princess", lol!
Sorry, Ariel, when Elsa came to town, she took your place!

The next day we made "Mulan" fans.

And I can't remember what the fuss was about here . . .
It's hard to say, since this is the face that looks back at us about 88% of the time.
I *think* I stapled the bottom of her fan, and then she screamed that she didn't want it stapled, so I took the staples out, and then she came unglued that I took them out . . .
and so forth.

 Then I looked at her, and apologized.
I think that's what brought on this episode.
Seriously considering posting to
Reasons My Son Is Crying
Have you ever checked that out?
So so hilarious.
And sadly, very real.


And day 4 ~ Penny Containers.
The plan is to collect shiny pennies to take to the park with us for the Penny Presses.
We needed a fancy shmancy spot to keep 'em, ya know.

We've got lots more countdown fun coming this week!
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Friday, April 4, 2014

Countdown to Disney!

For Christmas we were gifted with a trip to Disneyland,
and we are {FINALLY!} in countdown mode! Hooray!!!
I'm all about being real, so I will just say,
realistically we may never make it to Disneyland as a family of 6 again.
{And no, that is not code for our family is growing, lol!
That is code for: Travel is expensive,
the last time we made it to Disneyland, Sierra was 5
 . . . she's now 11 . . . if you do the math, you'll note that she will
be nearly an adult in the same 6 year span since our last Disney trip :( }
So . . .
I want it to be special.
I want every little part to be magical.
I REALLY like a good countdown.
We're gonna be countin' on down the days with a fun
Disney activity daily.
So, here we go.
Our countdown kicked off at Grandma and Grandpa's house
{they're going with us, by the way!!!}.
Day 1 of Countdown to Disney:
Lady & The Tramp Dinner & Movie
 We started with Spaghetti, of course!
 A little chit chat around the dinner table.
 Grandma had printed off coloring pages for each of the girls.

And you-know-who brought her "Lady" along, don'thcaknow.

Then it was snuggle time as we watched the sequel to Lady & The Tramp.


I'm so excited for a fun activity every day!
Go ahead, lay it on me:
Disney tips, travel tips, I'm all ears!

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