Tuesday, February 26, 2013


 We enjoyed a quiet, laid-back, family birthday party celebration
for Makenna's 8th birthday, last weekend.
There were a few people missing due to sickies and other engagements, but that was okay.
It made for a nice little group.

The morning started with presents from Mama and Daddy
and donuts, of course.
Daddy always brings home the birthday donuts :)

Then we put the final touches on the cake before the party began.

Kenners was pretty pleased with her cake, if you couldn't tell ;)

Some candle blowin'

Lemonade sippin'

Secret Tellin'

 Surprise seekin'
 Birthday FUN!
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Monday, February 25, 2013


Last year we incubated eggs, and it was such an amazing experience.
There is something so incredible about watching new life form.

So . . . we thought we might attempt it again this year :)
Jeremy found a new rooster at the auction.
We'd had to get rid of our rooster from last year because he was MEAN. 
Turns out our new one is just as ornery, so back to the auction he will go when we are through collecting eggs.

41 in all.
That was the maximum number that would fit into the egg turner.

We kept them warm and cozy for 21 days . . .

and yesterday afternoon, we started hearing peeps.
Then eggs started wiggling about.
Peeping got louder . . .
Until finally . . .

 Our first little guy!
8 more joined him {her?} through the night, and we're waiting on the rest today.
And yeah . . . I'm already planning our Easter pictures ;) 
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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happy 8th Birthday, Makenna Nicole ♥

I do not know where the time goes.
It's like one minute you are breathing in that new baby smell,
and the next minute that baby is . . . an 8 year old!

Miss Makenna Nicole . . .
Mama and Kenners

{Spring 2008}

I can't believe it, but it is true . . .
You are 8 years old today.
And somehow that seems much too much too old.
TulipFest4 W

You have an infectious giggle.
I dare anyone to listen to your giggle, and not giggle in return.
It's impossible.

And life, is one big adventure for you!
You're definitely our risk-taker.


You love your beauty rest ;)
Seriously, we should be calling you Sleeping Beauty.
You would be content to sleep until 10am each and every day.
I think it's pretty sweet.
Confession: I can't bring myself to wake you. 
I make Sissy do it.  Every time.
 I have a thing about waking sleeping children

You have a heart for others, and put yourself right in their shoes.

You are a carefree spirit.
No schedule, or timeframes for you.

 You are self-confident, and march to the beat of your own drum.
I'll admit, we don't always share the same taste in clothes or styles
{you are more trendy, and I tend toward classic},
but I love your bold, fun choices!
Your ensembles are always a surprise.

 You loooove to chat.
If you're awake, you're talkin'.
Who does that sound like? ;)

You are an absolute joy to this family,
and we love you more than words can say.
 Happy 8th Birthday, Sweet Girl! 
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday ~ Flashin' Way Back

 Since I've been talking about wanting to stop time {or go back in time},
 I thought this might be fitting.

March 2009
Great Wolf Lodge ~ Washington

Our little family of five.
Realistically I know that we had our challenges then too.
But my memory tells me that that was a much more carefree time.
Ahhh, memories.
Great Wolf Lodge Fun  
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Life is zooming by right before my very eyes.
Anyone else feel lucky just to accomplish the basics every day?

We had the loveliest beach trip last week. 
It was so needed.
It's just nice to get away from life sometimes, you know?

And now we're gearing up for a week of doctor's appointments, shopping trips, and preparation for Miss Kenners big 8th birthday party.
How does this happen?
I am in desperate need of a rewind button.
Life seemed so much less complicated 8 years ago . . . .

Ahhh well.

With that, I'll leave you with a picture of complete adorableness:

Kam loves Miss Sophia.
And I think the feeling is mutual.
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Monday, February 18, 2013

Beach Bound

Oh how I love the beach.
It is one of my most favorite places.
So when Nana and Gramps asked if we'd like to take a little beach vacay,
we were like, "Oh, okay.  Twist our arms".


We always start out the trip with a stop at Camp 18 for lunch.
There were THREE precious kitties runnin' the place, and Tay was thrilled.
She'd point, and shriek, and chase those poor little furry lovies.

I mean, is he gorgeous, or what?
But not quite as thrilled with Taylor as she was with him ;)

The group shot, of course.

My same little group, in the same little spot a year and a half ago . . .


As soon as we got into town we headed for the sand.
And Miss Tay found more animals to love on . . .

Kam was content to stick her toes in the sand.

I was content to snap some photos.

Beach08W (2)

And Sissy and Kenners had a ball on the beach bikes.

Beach05W (2)

 After three days of fun in the sand, we were happy to head home.
{Well, most of us.  Kam would have moved into the condo permanently if we'd let her}.
Beach07W (2)  
 Thanks so much, Nana and Grandpa!
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Monday, February 11, 2013

Last Year

 One year ago today we were headed to San Diego for a little vacay.

It is amazing to me all that can change in one year's time.
 Looking back through these photographs, it certainly seems like a lifetime ago, rather than a mere 365 {ahem, 366} days.

I feel like taking a little walk down memory lane . . . join me?

Miss Kam was SO excited to board a plane. 
So excited.
She still talks about it.
She talks about our hotel too {it was pretty luxurious}.
She is such a joy to take places, because she delights so much in it.

Here she is, looking for our flight ;)

Our hotel opened up to a beautiful outdoor village of boutiques.
It was pretty much heaven to a bunch of girly girls.

When we tired of shopping
{honestly, we didn't tire of it, but we thought we should see the beach too}
We made a trip to Coronado.

It was a gorgeous, sunny day.

Some of us enjoyed the sand more than others . . .

Some of us wondered what it might be like to sample the sand . . .

And later in the week, Sea World.
So much fun for the girls.

Oops, snuck another shopping pic in here, and I'm too lazy to move it. . .

Back to Sea World . . .
What fun!
This is one of my all time favorite shots of Jeremy and Sierra.
So happy and carefree.
Love this.

There were so many animals to see.
Goodness, they were gorgeous.

And happy :)
Doesn't it look like this guy is smiling at us?

My but they make a lot of noise!

And the sea turtles.
Oh how I love them.

 Our trip seemed to fly right by . . .

{Look at how little my girls are.  Crazy how much they grow in a year!}

Before we knew it, it was time to head home. 

And we were all sad to say goodbye :(
 Our trip to San Diego was one of the most treasured gifts we have ever received.
I always say that we would much rather have experiences, make memories,
than accumulate more things.

And we made so many precious memories on that trip.
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