Thursday, February 7, 2013

♥ Valentine Kids Treats ♥

Last Summer I found adorable yogurt bites on Pinterest, and fell in love. 
They are the perfect size for little hands, and we made them often.

A few weeks ago I found the cutest heart ice cube trays at Target,
and thought what fun it'd be to have little heart ice cubes in our drinks on girls nights.

So last night, as I was putting the little girls to sleep, and trying to come up with ideas for Valentine treats for all of my girly girls . . .

I had an idea . . .
 What if I piped yogurt into the heart ice cube trays?

 And added sprinkles, of course {you all know how we feel about sprinkles}.

{Though they are just as lovely without sprinkles, see?}

When the girls woke up this morning to Frozen Yogurt Hearts, you should have seen their faces!
{Hey, that's what I should have snapped a picture of . . . it was pretty adorable!}

I made up a pan of the mini yogurt bites too.  Taylor LOVES them!
 It's simple and delicious!  What's not to love?

What kinds of fun treats/crafts are y'all whipping up for Hearts Day?
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Jamie Jo said...

Cute idea--I'm going to have to try this one!

Kelli W said...

Those are so cute Liz! I think I have those same heart trays from Target:) I may have to get out some yogurt and sprinkles this afternoon!

Connie said...

I can't wait to make these!!

I just saw those heart molds at Target and I passed them up.

Jenny said...

Those are so cute! I'll have to make some for Abby.

Caseybumpinalong said...

Those look yummy! You are such a fun mom!

marie said...

So cute and easy. I am making chocolate covered strawberries at a church function, I never tire of them.

Connie said...

I got the molds!!

What yogurt are you using?

MiMi said...

I want one!


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