Friday, February 1, 2013

Kam's Big Day

The big girls had an invite to spend a couple of hours with their cousin, today, so Kam and I took the opportunity to have a little bit of special time, just the two of us. 
Well, not just the two of us.
Tay was here too.
But Miss Taylor went down for a nap, you see.
So . . . a whole hour and a half to ourselves!
We started with a little of this . . .

And ended with this:

Then we thought up a little snack.
A princess-y Valentine-y kind of snack
{to go with our princess-y, Valentine-y toes!}

Vanilla Cupcake Fishies with . . . .
Pink Vanilla Frosting {and sprinkles.  Y'all know our love of sprinkles}.

Sandwich those babies together, and you've got a very special snack :)


Of course, you have to have a special drink to go with the special snack
{and the special toes, yadda yadda}.

Could you guess that it was going to involve sprinkles?
{Crushed ice, a splash of heavy cream, fill to the top with Cranberry Ginger Ale, and top with whipped cream.  And sprinkles.  Of course.}

It got Kam's seal of approval.

Once we hydrated, we were ready to tackle some crafting.
On the agenda: headbands.

 And in celebration of reaching 52 degrees today  . . .
A little walk in the sunshine.
 We had a super fabulous day! 
How 'bout y'all?
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Foursons said...

She is just adorable and growing up way to fast! I still think of her as the baby and Taylor as the infant. So not the case anymore!

MiMi said...

Omagosh, that looks like so much fun!!!

Jenny said...

What a fun day! Kam is such a pretty princess!

marie said...

I love it all, precious. I have to say I love glitter nail polish over my regular color, it makes the polish last so much longer.

Emmy said...

What a perfect day!! And that drink really is fancy- looks so good.
You are such a fun mama


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