Sunday, February 23, 2020

Happy 15th Birthday, Makenna Nicole!!

Happy 15th Birthday, to my Kenners.

I remember the second I found out I was having another girl ~
I was so excited for Sis.
So excited to have two little girls.
Dance classes, and cookie baking, and girls movie nights ~
I could not wait.

And here we are, fifteen years later, you two are the best of friends.
And you are an awesome big sister to the two littles.

Fifteen years has flown right by.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.

You are beautiful, kind, and compassionate.
You are creative and intuitive.

I am learning {slowly, but surely} that no matter how hard I beg, plead, or nag, 
you are just not inclined to keep things tidy. Or to value organization.
But that's okay. 
Because you make us laugh every day and you help us
to see everything through a new lens.

Hope this year is the best yet!

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