Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nature Walk

On Thursday we actually had a few hours with no rain {insert a hallelujah}, so we headed outside. Some of us with cameras ;) The girls love going on "nature walks". The goal was to find a butterfly, a ladybug, and a caterpillar on our walk. Funny enough, I don't think we came across any of them. That's a first!

But we did find Mr. Bug.

And some daisies. Sierra loves daisies.

And these dainty little buttercups

Gramps came along.

Kam learned the proper way to throw rocks in the creek.

Thank you, Grampa.

She found that the bigger they are, the bigger they splash!


It's been another quiet day inside due to a very sleepy, very feverish little sugarplum. Oh how I hate it when the kiddos are sick.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Poor Baby

This little sugarplum . . .

She isn't feeling so well today :(

There wasn't a lot of sleep happening last night, so we went in to the doctor today. I suspected an ear infection as she was running a 104 degree temp at 2am. But nope. It seems that the germs from the virus we've all been fighting for, oh, a month have made their way back to Kameryn. Poor baby. So we're just snuggling today. And that suits us just fine.

What are y'all doing? Any fun plans for this weekend?

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wordful Wednesday ~ House Update

Three things about this photo that make me happy:

1. Sunshine! Do you see it?? This was taken on the 17th. I'm pretty sure that was the last day we've seen even a ray of sun. Have I mentioned my irritation with the weather? {Oh, I have, haven't I? Well, I'm going to mention it again}. This is the coldest May we've had in over ten years, and the wettest in five. And, oh yeah, one day last week was the coldest "high" they've ever recorded. That's nice.

2. Because of the cooperative weather, we were able to pour our stem walls. Yay! The foundation is done!! Now we are waiting {not so patiently, I'm afraid} for a little break from the rain so that we can weatherproof the basement and pour the basement floor. Then, we can move on to framing!

3. That's my hubby up there on that ladder. Isn't he handsome?? ;) That's the guy who goes to work for 24 hours straight at the fire station, and then comes home {often with very little sleep} to see his girls, and then put in another two full days of work on the house before going back to the fire station. Yeah, I'm blessed.


For more Wordful Wednesday fun, head on over to Seven Clown Circus! Too wordy? Stop by 5 minutes for Mom and Miller Racing Family! :)

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday {Night} Ramblings

Does life ever move so fast that you don't even have time to blog about it? Yeah, same here. As usual, the days are flying by, leaving very little time to even crack open the laptop.

♥ Last weekend we attended my cousin's baby shower, and we had such a lovely time. It was great to see family, and celebrate a new baby on the way. Am I the only one who gets practically giddy at the thought of a new baby? Oh those tiny little hands. The way they just snuggle right in to your chest. And sleep wherever and whenever they choose. Sigh.


As I was saying.

We were at my cousin's shower . . .

Frolicking and having a good ol' time . . .

Playing peek-a-boo, and the like.

It was just lovely.

♥ Kenners played her last soccer game of the season on Saturday. In the rain. It's been doing a lot of raining around here. We were all ready for the season to end. Now we start the countdown to the end of dance ~ three more weeks!

♥ Apparently Kam doesn't need much sleep anymore. She is almost 16 months, after all. And naps are for babies, don'tchaknow. Ugh.

♥ We started another bible study, and I L.O.V.E. it already! Anointed Transformed Redeemed ~ A Study of David with Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, and Kay Arthur. Any of you done this one? This is my 4th study of Beth's, and so far it's definitely a favorite. If you are looking for a shorter study {we chose it specifically so that we would be done before we got too far into Summer}, that is big on forming a closer relationship with God, you will not be disappointed with this.

♥ I'll post house pictures soon. Honestly, there isn't much new to report. We finished the foundation and have some "basement work" to do before the framing starts. We're sort of waiting on a little nice weather, and there is rain in the forecast for the next week. Care to say a prayer? :)

So, what have y'all been up to? Anyone enjoying Summer Vacay yet?

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Friday, May 21, 2010

I'll just make it myself then

I was just "talking" to my blog friend, Heather, about a disease we both have. The I can make that myself for less disease. The kicker: we really can't make it ourselves, but we think we can. Either that, or we just don't have time to make it ourselves.
Sometimes, sometimes, we really can make it ourselves . . .

Take this adorable t-shirt, for example. A couple of months ago, when all of our cutesie Spring catalogs arrived, we found this among all the other sweetness that is the Mini Boden catalog. My girls love this tee. They each wanted one for our annual family reunion camp-out. Oh alright, so Kam didn't actually tell me she wanted one, but I know for a fact that Sierra and Makenna did. The problem: the price. This child's top is $28. If you do the math that comes to a total of $84 PLUS shipping for my three girls.

That's when I heard that voice: Hey, you can make that yourself.

I found some tees at Old Navy for less than $5 each. Even better, find a tee that you already own. Shirts with a small {or even large} stain work great to applique!

I didn't care for the pocket on Kam's tee, so I used a seam ripper to take it off.

I got out my fabric scraps, and liked the polka dots on this sage green oil cloth. {Bonus: oil cloth wipes down easily. Score for my little messy Bessie!} A little bit of wool felt came in handy for the hitch and tire/wheel.

I used Steam-A-Seam 2 Fusible webbing to apply the applique. I love this stuff!

Remove backing . . .

adhere to "camper" . . .

Add more details ~ a window, a door . . .

Find the perfect spot on your tee . . .

Permanently adhere with an iron. I turned my tee inside out and used a high heat setting. Press down for 20 seconds or so all over the applique to ensure a good "stick".

And voila! Your very own tee {for like, 1/6th the cost!}

Now I just gotta find the time to make the other two :)


Join us Saturdays at for the weekend wrap up party!

Check out lots of crafty goodness at Jen's!

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Letters of Intent

Dear Mother Nature,

Hi. Um, it's May. Coming up on June, actually. The constant drizzle of rain every day is driving us NUTS. We are trapped inside day after day, and the never-ending rain drops make running errands with three kiddos less than spectacular. Please get your act together before Makenna's last soccer game tomorrow morning. PLEASE.


The cooped up Mama who wasn't sure if you got the Memo that it's MAY!



Hello Sweet Pea. Could I ask a teensy favor of you? Could you please stop grinding your teeth at night? You are grinding them so loudly that it is waking up your sisters and Mama. It really is the most excruciating noise ever. And . . . I'm a little scared that you won't have any teeth left in the morning.

Thanks sweetie.


Your Mama who loves you but does need her sleep


Have somethin' to say? Head on over to Julie's and link up!

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Babies Everywhere

Remember these little cuties? Ohhhh baby bunnies are the cutest, aren't they? Well, guess what, they're not the only babies around the Fraijo farm.

Take a look at these little darlings.

The girls found the nest behind Grandpa's shop.

Babies everywhere.

I ♥ LOVE ♥ Spring!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wordful Wednesday ~ {More} Sunshine Days

We enjoyed the SUN last week! And it's a good thing, because now we're back to rain, rain, rain, rain, rain. I don't think I'm cut out to live here in the Pacific Northwest ;) We like the sun too much!

Hope y'all are enjoying some sun!


For more Wordful Wednesday fun hop on over to Seven Clown Circus.

And, as always, visit 5 minutes for Mom and Miller Racing Family for your Wordless Wednesday fix :)

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Momentous Monday

Oh it has been busy around here. Very busy. Good busy. It is Monday {again, can you believe it??}, and that means Momentous Monday over at Tiffany's. I love this because it forces me to really watch for those special little moments that happen every single day, I'm just usually too busy to notice them.

I already mentioned that Saturday was our Spring Fling performance at Dolce Dance, but what I may not have mentioned {in great detail, anyway} was how proud I was of Makenna. Kenners, as we call her, is quite a ham when it's just us kickin' it at home, but when she's around others she is my shy one. She's a little hesitant to be out there in the spotlight, because, well, Sierra is usually the one stealing it! :) On Saturday, Makenna got up there on stage and led her fellow tappers through the whole routine, and that made this Mama so very proud. One of many momentous moments this week.

Do you have a special moment that sticks out from last week? Head on over to Tiffany's and link up. I'd love to read about it.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm not really sure how it's possible, but here it is May already! I mean, the middle of May. Soon it'll be June. Anyone else get a little panicky when time starts flyin'?
Yesterday was SPRING FLING!
Do you remember Spring Fling from last year?
Uh, yeah, wasn't that just last month? See what I mean about time?
This year, both Sierra and Makenna danced in the show, and I had a little group of Tappers that were SO cute, and did such a good job!

Lindsay, our Director, kicked things off.

Twirlin' to A Whole New World.

And breakin' it on down with the Chicken Dance. No performance is complete without the Chicken Dance, people.


Afterward we got lunch with friends at Subway, played on the playground, and ate Sno Cones.

It was a good day.

And today we are headed into Portland to attend a baby shower for my cousin. We are so excited to celebrate with her!

What are y'all up to?

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Letters of Intent

This is my first time linking up to Letters of Intent. Why?? Goodness knows I have plenty to say ;)


Dear Virus/Sinus Infection/Whateveryouare,

Go away.

And don't ever come back.

I'm sick of the coughing, the not-being-able-to-breathe-out-my-nose. You've taken away my senses of smell and taste for, oh, about two weeks now. You've almost taken away all of the fun of eating. I even turned down my favorite, Coffee Ice Cream, last night, because, what's the point in piling on the calories when you can't even enjoy the taste??

Goodbye forever!


Ms. Stuffyhackn'coughington


Need to get something off your chest? Visit Julie!

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Personal Shopper

I'm sorry, but is she the cutest little shopper you've ever seen?

I finally took Sierra in to the doctor today. She's had a cold {we all have, actually} for the last week or so, and it was getting worse. When she started complaining of headaches and it hurting under her eyes and around her nose, I knew it was time to go in.

Turns out she has a sinus infection, poor thing. So we headed to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription plus other odds and ends we needed. Cough drops, lip balm, zinc pops. You know, necessities for the sickies.

Kam did our shopping for us.

She's a customer-in-training, don'tchaknow.

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