Friday, June 18, 2021

Happy 10th Birthday, Taylor Grace

Happy 10th Birthday, Taylor Grace!

I cannot believe my youngest daughter is now in double digits ~ this day seemed so far away when you were just teeny tiny.  And now here we are.

Taylor Grace, you . . .

*Love animals, and are such an amazing caretaker. This year you became mama to your two guinea pigs: Rob and Dave.

*Love to be at home.  Probably more than any other person in our family, you are content to be at home in your comfy place.

*Often get mistaken as much older than you are because you are so TALL!

*Live for the month of December and all things Christmas

*Have a new favorite vacation spot: Arizona!

*Love it most when your whole family is together. Family is very important to you.

*Have the most infectious laugh, and bring us joy each and every day!

Happy 10th Birthday, Darling Girl!

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