Friday, January 27, 2017

Happy 8th Birthday, Kameryn Faith

Oh man.
How can it be that my itty bitty Kameryn Faith is 8 years old today?

Kam's birth is so finely etched into my memory because the whole experience was such an adventure.
I got two whole weeks in the hospital, just waiting for little miss to arrive,
{Or rather, praying that she stay put}
before she graced us with her presence, six weeks early.
A mere 6 pounds ~ she completely changed our lives forever.

Kameryn Faith you:

*Are a bright light to all who know you.
Your smile is infectious, and you love to have fun.

*You love to organize and plan.
You want to be a baker when you grow up,
but I could totally see you being a party planner.
Nothing makes you happier than planning fun for others.

*You are a nurturer.
You're always in tune to others' feelings.

*You LOVE babies.
You always have.  
As a baby, yourself, you would get so excited whenever another baby was around.

*Your most-used saying:
"This is the BEST day ever!"
Whether we're at Disneyland or taking the car for an oil change,
you ALWAYS find the good in every situation, and help the rest of us to do so as well :)

Happy Happy Birthday, Miss Kam!
We love you to the moon!!

Kam's Birthdays through the Years:

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