Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Happy 7th Birthday, Kameryn Faith

I'm not real sure if I should smile or cry.  I kinda want to do both.

Miss Kameryn turns 7 years old today.

She doesn't look much like the tiny little girl who used to toddle around right behind me.
Those baby teeth have been replaced by big girl teeth.
Big girl {sometimes sassy} voice has replaced the baby voice.

She's growing right before my very eyes.

But in my heart, she will always be this tiny girl:

The one who made me a mama for the third time.
The one who kept me company for two weeks on bed rest in the hospital.


  My little cuddle bucket, smiley-faced girl who loved "chockit doonuts".

And accompanied me on EVERY prenatal visit in eager anticipation of her baby sister.

My princess.

My Kameryn Faith, so full of life.

Watching her live life to the fullest is like a breath of fresh air for my soul,

every, single, day.

Miss Kameryn loves noodles and parmesan cheese :)

 She LOVES to play dress up.

About once every week or two she'll ask me to put all her hair {she has a TON of it!} up into sponge rollers for the night.  And she doesn't complain about sleeping on them one little bit!

She dreams of dance, and pageants, and all things girly.

And her zest for life cannot be matched.

She's my nurturer.
She worries about hurt feelings, and loves to make others smile.

Happy Happy Birthday, Kameryn Faith!

 You are a blessing on our lives!!! 
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Jenny said...

She is just a doll! So cute! Time goes so fast, it's insane. She sounds like such a sweet and fun girl. Happy Birthday to Kameryn!


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