Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Happy 12th Birthday, Kameryn Faith

When I was pregnant with Kam I was asked to keep a journal for an online pregnancy and motherhood site called, Storknet.  And I am so glad I did! Now, all these years later, I still have those journal entries. And it's been such fun to go back to read through them.  I read them all to Kam {and Tay!} last week, and they adored hearing about life before they were born. It seems like ages ago.  And today, we celebrate Kameryn's birthday. 


Only one more year ~ 365 days ~ 8,760 hours ~ 525,600 minutes and she will officially be a teenager.  

Kameryn Faith . . . you are a tremendous blessing to this family each and every day.
You have grown so much this last year!  From ditching your glasses {most of the time}, in favor of contacts, to working on your artwork {drawing and painting are your favorites}, you are growing into such an amazing young lady.  You LOVE babies, and are a huge help in taking care of children.  You will be a great mama someday.

Happy Happy Birthday, Kam! You are a positive, joyful light in our lives.

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