Friday, January 27, 2017

Happy 8th Birthday, Kameryn Faith

Oh man.
How can it be that my itty bitty Kameryn Faith is 8 years old today?

Kam's birth is so finely etched into my memory because the whole experience was such an adventure.
I got two whole weeks in the hospital, just waiting for little miss to arrive,
{Or rather, praying that she stay put}
before she graced us with her presence, six weeks early.
A mere 6 pounds ~ she completely changed our lives forever.

Kameryn Faith you:

*Are a bright light to all who know you.
Your smile is infectious, and you love to have fun.

*You love to organize and plan.
You want to be a baker when you grow up,
but I could totally see you being a party planner.
Nothing makes you happier than planning fun for others.

*You are a nurturer.
You're always in tune to others' feelings.

*You LOVE babies.
You always have.  
As a baby, yourself, you would get so excited whenever another baby was around.

*Your most-used saying:
"This is the BEST day ever!"
Whether we're at Disneyland or taking the car for an oil change,
you ALWAYS find the good in every situation, and help the rest of us to do so as well :)

Happy Happy Birthday, Miss Kam!
We love you to the moon!!

Kam's Birthdays through the Years:

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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Ringing In The New Year!

It is no secret that I am anxious to wave goodbye to 2016!

If you're like me, and surrounded by littles on New Year's Eve
{my favorite place to be!},
you'll love these super easy, kid-friendly, party treats.

Jello Dessert Cups:
We pick up "fancy" champagne glasses at the Dollar Store.
Make up your favorite flavor of Jello, but instead of using the full amount of water, replace 1/2 with Sprite or Ginger Ale.
Pour into cups, let set, and decorate with whipped cream and sprinkles.

Remember Oreo Cakesters??  
I can't find them anymore, but they were delish!
I melted white chocolate chips, and dipped the cakesters in the melted chocolate.
Then decorate with sprinkles and more frosting.

You could change it up a bit with any hostess dessert :)

My girls love these Orangesicles.
Contrary to what the photo would have you believe, there is no actual orange in it.
I fill a glass with ice, splash in a small amount of cream or half and half, then fill the rest of the way with orange soda.  Top with whipped cream and sprinkles.

More of these delicious Jello Dessert Cups!

Pepperoni and Cheese Stuffed Pretzel Bites.

This year we will be making super yummy individual layered dip cups &
turkey, bacon, cheddar, and chive roll ups!

I'd better get busy!

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Countdown to Christmas 2016 ~ Week 3

Shortly after my last post, it started snowing.
And snowing.
And snowing.

And that causes a lot of excitement around here, 
because the last time we got a snow like this was years ago!

So, what did we do for our Countdown week 3???

We bundled up and went sledding.

And we pretty much stayed in the fluffy, white stuff the whole time it stuck around.

Which was several days!

Now it's gone :(

And we're hustling our bustle to get last minute things done before Christmas Day.
Only three days away. Holy smokes!

What do you still have left to do?

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Countdown to Christmas 2016 ~ Week 2

I'm not gonna lie, we've had a rough December so far.

Emotions are running high, and it's such a crazy-busy time of year anyway.  
The two combined aren't always so pretty.
But, we've been trying to find time each day to really appreciate this magical season,
and celebrate the real meaning behind it ~ the birth of our Lord and Savior ~ Jesus Christ.

Our countdown this last week:

Day 7

Read Christmas Stories.
Each of the girls picked out their favorite, we snuggled on the couch, and read.

Day 8

Dental Appointments.
Ha! What a fun countdown activity, right?

But after a couple of hours in the dental chairs, and five check-ups behind us,
we celebrated with donuts at the local bakery ;)

Day 8 also found us decorating Nana and Grandpa's tree.

Day 9

Make Christmas Gift Tags

Day 10

Pedicures at Home.
I had thought how fun it would be to gather up Nana and Grandma and head to the salon with the girls.  But after calculating the cost of 7 pedicures, I thought it wise to just buy a mini spa tub!

Day 11

Baking Gingerbread Cookies . . .

. . . and decorate at Grandma's

And yesterday, Day 12

We went to see Moana!
Oh my goodness, what a wonderful movie!  I absolutely loved it!!

It didn't hurt that our theater has recliners *and* we were the only ones in the whole theater!

What has been keeping you busy?
Are you all done shopping?

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Countdown to Christmas ~ Week 1

Whew! We've had a busy first week of December, how about you?

December 1st started off with a North Pole Breakfast.

December 2nd we got our tree!!!!

December 3rd was a little hectic, as I had already scheduled a photo session out of town, and had errands to run before Jeremy and I headed off to an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.  So the girls' activity that day was Movie Night with Nana and Gramps.

December 4th we hurried home right after Church because Mama was goin' on day 3 of a migraine. Bleh.  We still managed a quick craft.

December 5th we had hoped to wake up to snow, as was forecast. We were a little disappointed at first . . . until it started snowing later that morning.  And continued the rest of the day!! We made these adorable little paper houses while watching the snow fall outside.  It would have been the best day ever had our dog, Kate, not gotten sick.  A short stay at the vet, and overnight in the house snuggled up to us seemed to work magic!  She's feeling much better now.

December 6th we got to see friends we hadn't visited in ETERNITY, and decorate sugar cookies to boot!

Today is another busy one, with a photo shoot at the home studio this morning, followed by the big girls volunteering at the preschool.  But the goal is to snuggle together and read some Christmas stories as well.

What have you been up to???

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