Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Annual Beach Trip - Take 1

Our annual beach trip to Seaside was postponed a couple of months this year. With two big trips within weeks of each other starting our 2017, we thought it best to wait a bit before hitting the road again. 
Plus- we were secretly hoping that Oregon would get its weather act together by April, and dry out a bit! 
No such luck, really, but that's okay! 
We had a fabulous time anyway.

Our first day started with lunch at Camp 18, and then we hurried on down to the beach for some splashing before the rains came.

The little girls managed to stay relatively dry for all of two minutes...

Before the waves became too hard to resist.

Sissy and Daddy <3

It was the perfect first day, packing it all in... before the rains came on day 2...



Saturday, February 25, 2017

Disneyland 2017

I cannot get over the fact that February is almost over.
WHERE or where did this month {or last month, for that matter!} go?
I feel like we've been gone so much this year, but I'm not complaining.
We have been having a ball!

Our Christmas present from Geri this year was a trip to Disney.
And we didn't have to wait long to go as it was scheduled for January!

It rained a CRAZY amount our first day at the park.
Just walking *to* the park, we got soaked.
So our first stop was to purchase ponchos.

We braved a few rides,

Then it was on to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

Sierra is too old for the salon now :(  But Kenners, Kam, and Tay all had appointments.
This mama was relieved to be inside for a bit, and out of the downpour.
We left the park, and headed back to the house that afternoon so that we could dry out a bit.
And off we went in search of a store that carried any sort of rain gear.
An umbrella, Rain boots? More ponchos?
But no such luck.
We even encountered signs on store windows that read:
I guess we brought the rain with us to California.

Day 2 was much drier!

And we were much comfier.

This pretty much sums up how happy we were to see a little blue sky.

We got to take in the electrical parade.
It was such fun!

And, of course, it was a must to meet up with some princesses.

I think these swings were everyone's favorites.

And I was thanking my lucky stars that no one talked me into going on this.
Jeremy, Sierra, Kam, and Tay hopped on
{Kenners and I knew better!},
and Sierra reported that I most definitely would've gotten sick.
No thank ya.

What precious memories we made.
And now . . . we're ready to go back!

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Makenna Nicole is 12 Years Old!

Back in the day, having a baby due shortly after the first of the year was an extra blessing.  
You know that let-down after Christmas?  
Not a thing when you are awaiting the arrival of a precious baby!
But now . . . now I just get to look forward to little girls who just keep getting older ~ 
two in the first two months of the year.  
That is too much for this mama heart.

Alas, here we are.
Miss Makenna is 12 years old today.

~ Makenna ~ 

* You are the wittiest child!
You always have been.
The things that come out of your mouth, still never cease to amaze me.
I always say that I need to devote an entire blog to your musings.

* You are fiercely truthful and faithful.
You hold tight to what is right.
And you have no tolerance for injustice.

*You are a wonderful teacher.
You love to nurture and watch others grow.

*You are super crafty!
You have unlimited patience when it comes to learning something new.
And you try, try again if it's a skill worth learning to you.

*You are probably the most like your mama out of all of your sisters.
People don't always get our quirky ways.
But that's okay.

*You can get your feelings hurt very easily,
but you put so much energy and effort into loving others.

*You bring us so much joy each and every day.

Happy 12th Birthday, Makenna Nicole!

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Friday, January 27, 2017

Happy 8th Birthday, Kameryn Faith

Oh man.
How can it be that my itty bitty Kameryn Faith is 8 years old today?

Kam's birth is so finely etched into my memory because the whole experience was such an adventure.
I got two whole weeks in the hospital, just waiting for little miss to arrive,
{Or rather, praying that she stay put}
before she graced us with her presence, six weeks early.
A mere 6 pounds ~ she completely changed our lives forever.

Kameryn Faith you:

*Are a bright light to all who know you.
Your smile is infectious, and you love to have fun.

*You love to organize and plan.
You want to be a baker when you grow up,
but I could totally see you being a party planner.
Nothing makes you happier than planning fun for others.

*You are a nurturer.
You're always in tune to others' feelings.

*You LOVE babies.
You always have.  
As a baby, yourself, you would get so excited whenever another baby was around.

*Your most-used saying:
"This is the BEST day ever!"
Whether we're at Disneyland or taking the car for an oil change,
you ALWAYS find the good in every situation, and help the rest of us to do so as well :)

Happy Happy Birthday, Miss Kam!
We love you to the moon!!

Kam's Birthdays through the Years:

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