Monday, July 30, 2012

Camping, Part 3

I guess I should finish up this Camping series. 
Whew! My photo folders are overwhelming me these days.
By the end of the camping week, my family started trickling in for our reunion. 

Which meant lots of visiting and catching up.

Lots of game playing.

Lots of room for toddling around.

There may have been some bubble blowing.

There was definitely some cuddling from a certain Grandpa.


And even some glow stick fun.

But the best part was getting all together for a group photo.  Can you believe that in the last 16 years of family reunion camp-outs, we've never once gotten a group photo?  My Great Uncle John was visiting this year from Illinois, and he said something that really touched my heart.  He said that we will probably never all be together like this again.  Each year the group changes.  Last year was Miss Taylor's first year {at only two weeks old!}, this year, my cousin's new little one joined our group {at only 4 weeks old!}.  Uncle John may never be out for another reunion.  Each year we add or lose.  This group, the one we had this year, will never be the same.  I'm so happy we have this photograph, to remind me just where we were at that point in time.  We will be snapping a group shot every year from now on . . . if I have my way :)
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kam's Silly Sayings

So.  A few years ago it was Kenners keeping me in stitches with the silly things she came up with.  Now it's Kam.  It's no secret that I LOVE the preschool age.  Two, three, four . . . ohhh how I wish I could keep my girls these ages forever.  Sweet.  Innocent.  So full of life.  And aboslutely HILARIOUS.

The other night we were cleaning up the kitchen after dinner:

Kam: Hey, I know what we can call Taylor . . . Violet!

Sierra: Noooo, Kam.  We can call her Taylor or Tay or Tater {that's Kam's nickname for her}.  We don't want her to grow up not knowing what her name is.

Kam:  {Big, long sigh followed by an eye roll}:  UGH, you drive me nuts.

Later that evening we drove up to Grandma and Grandpa's to water their flowers and garden {they're out of town}.  Taylor had fallen asleep on the way, but woke up when I turned off the car.  Kam  peers over the seat, gets right up next to her, and in her sweetest sing-song voice proclaims:

Well hello there, Stick in the Mud.


Where does she come up with this stuff??

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Camping, Part 2

After us girlies got back from our shopping trip, we got serious about camping.
There was some fishin'

Some braggin'


Some Swingin'

Camping10 ♥ ♥ ♥

I have to go back and dig through photos, but I *think* I have a photo of Sierra on this very swing each and every year since she was a baby.


Some Loungin'

Some Cookin'


Some boatin'


{First time out since the accident}.

And Lots of Fun!
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Friday, July 20, 2012

Family Camp 2012

We look forward to my family reunion camp-out each year.
If you asked the girls what their favorite time of year is I'd be willing to bet they'd say "Family Reunion!" {Either that, or Christmas.  It'd be close}.
We have been going over a few days early for the last several years.  A little extended camp-out.  It gives Jeremy more time to fish, the girls more time to play, and me more time to work my boot off keeping everything running.  Juuuuuuuust kidding.  Kind of.
Our trip starts the same way each year.  A stop at Safeway to pick up ice for the coolers, fuel up the truck, and pop in to McDonald's for breakfast.  {No McDonald's for me, though.  I think I mentioned before, but I have issues.  Lots of issues.  And one of them happens to be that I have the most nervous stomach ever.  I have no idea what I think might happen during our travels, but I get myself completely worked up over the most ridiculous things.  So. No food for me before a trip.}


Taylor, on the other hand, has no worries at all.  And she's loving this McDonald's tradition.


We caravan with my parents, and traditionally stop in Bend for lunch.  Gramps needed to pick up some batteries, and decided a little candy treat for the girls was in order.

Oh, I just have to mention.  Kameryn is the BEST TRAVELER EVER.  Best.  This girl has been a super star traveler for a long time.  Give her a book, or an iPod, and you don't hear a peep out of her.  She never asks, "how much looonnnggger?"  Not once.  She's our travel girl ;)


We pulled in, jumped out of the truck, and literally ran to the water.


This year, we started something new {that I am determined to make tradition}.  The first full day of camping, when the boys went out fishing for the day, my mom and I loaded the girls up, and drove in to Bend for some shopping.  Or rather, looking.  We didn't have any money to shop with ;)


Taylor took a liking to one of the mannequins in Baby Gap.
{Can't say I blame her, there were some ADORABLE outfits goin' on in that place}


Then Nana took us out to lunch at Red Robin.
Shopping and lunch . . . I'm sorry, but for me, it beats out camping any day! :)
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Fun

Holy Blog Break!
My goodness, we've been busy. 
I'm going to go ahead and confess something that I've been denying for almost 13 months now . . .
There was a big adjustment for me, going from three children to four.  I didn't think there would be.  I was like, "Eh.  Three.  Four.  What's the difference?"  Well, there was a difference.  I remember Jeremy laughing at me, about a month before Taylor was born.  "I don't think you have a clue", he said.  Another confession?  He was right.  It seemed so easy bringing Kameryn home.  I mean, besides the fact that she was a preemie, and I was syringe feeding round the clock, and not getting even a minute of sleep.  But, she fit right in to our family, and Sierra and Makenna were such big helpers.  Once we got past the initial preemie scares, it seemed to be pretty smooth sailing.

But Taylor.  Oh my.  She's a different story.  She's . . . discontent
That's the nice way of saying:
 "good gracious, child, you are the loudest, fussiest, crabbiest little pumpkin ever!" 
So, as you can imagine, every little outing, every trip, no matter how small, is a challenge.

And we, my friends, just got back from a 5 night camping trip. 

Last year, we made the trip when Taylor was just shy of two weeks old. 
And let me tell you, that was a cinch compared to this year. 

Two week old babies sleep in their carseat. 
One year olds . . . no likey the carseat.
Newborns stay fresh and clean, cuddled on your chest.
Toddlers . . . insist on plopping down in the dirtiest, dustiest, filth;
sifting it through their fingers,
running it through their hair,
and rubbing it on their arms and legs.

But we survived.
We did it.
We're home.
And 12 loads of laundry later {no joke},
we're getting back in to the swing of life with running water again!
Hip hip hooray!

Be back someday soon with camping pics :)
For now, I need a vacation from my camping vacation.

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Fourth


Parade Watchin'
{With a sucker hangin' out the mouth, of course}


Kitty Chasin'

Firework Watchin'

{And ear pluggin'}

Memory Makin'

Ours was pretty spectacular. 

How about yours?

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Monday, July 2, 2012

"Summer" Fun

It's not really feeling like Summer yet . . .
Clouds and rain make it feel more like Fall :(


But we're making the best of it.

Last week we went to see Brave {super cute movie}. . .
Visited friends . . .

Went BBQin' . . .

And had a photo shoot.

And this week is going to be twice as busy.

I like busy :)
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