Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Fun

Holy Blog Break!
My goodness, we've been busy. 
I'm going to go ahead and confess something that I've been denying for almost 13 months now . . .
There was a big adjustment for me, going from three children to four.  I didn't think there would be.  I was like, "Eh.  Three.  Four.  What's the difference?"  Well, there was a difference.  I remember Jeremy laughing at me, about a month before Taylor was born.  "I don't think you have a clue", he said.  Another confession?  He was right.  It seemed so easy bringing Kameryn home.  I mean, besides the fact that she was a preemie, and I was syringe feeding round the clock, and not getting even a minute of sleep.  But, she fit right in to our family, and Sierra and Makenna were such big helpers.  Once we got past the initial preemie scares, it seemed to be pretty smooth sailing.

But Taylor.  Oh my.  She's a different story.  She's . . . discontent
That's the nice way of saying:
 "good gracious, child, you are the loudest, fussiest, crabbiest little pumpkin ever!" 
So, as you can imagine, every little outing, every trip, no matter how small, is a challenge.

And we, my friends, just got back from a 5 night camping trip. 

Last year, we made the trip when Taylor was just shy of two weeks old. 
And let me tell you, that was a cinch compared to this year. 

Two week old babies sleep in their carseat. 
One year olds . . . no likey the carseat.
Newborns stay fresh and clean, cuddled on your chest.
Toddlers . . . insist on plopping down in the dirtiest, dustiest, filth;
sifting it through their fingers,
running it through their hair,
and rubbing it on their arms and legs.

But we survived.
We did it.
We're home.
And 12 loads of laundry later {no joke},
we're getting back in to the swing of life with running water again!
Hip hip hooray!

Be back someday soon with camping pics :)
For now, I need a vacation from my camping vacation.

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Abra said...

wait a minute, she is 13 months now?! where have i been? and yes, i've always said the age 12 months-18 months is pretty much the hardest. and i'm impressed that going from 2 to 3 kids was easy, this has been a hard transition for me! ;)

Erica @ All About Aleigha said...

She's keeping you on your toes :) but camping sounds so fun. we went all the time growing up and I'm ready to start taking Aleigha, fun times! Can't wait to see pictures!

mountain mama said...

you're so cute! glad to know i'm not he only person who needs a vacation after a vacation! ;)

Kelli W said...

I totally get needing a vacation from vacation:) She is such a cutie...hard to believe a sweet face like that could be discontent! I believe you thought. I've had plenty of experience with what I call a "difficult" child!

Jenny said...

She is so darn adorable! I totally get the "discontent" thing. That is why Abby is an only child :)

I'm glad you are back!

MiMi said...

LOL!! Little baby is so freaking cute, and she looks so much like Kam.
Camping for 5 days is a feat even WITHOUT a year old baby.
You rock!
And what the heck? 13 months? Where have I been?!

Our Homeschool Fun said...

Thank you, Liz, for your honesty! I still haven't fully adjusted to four and I'll confess something to you...I no longer feel the need to have another baby. I am at my limit, I know this now and am content with it. I will always, always be sad that my sweet children are growing up on me way too fast and always miss stages and phases with these four I have now, but I can now tell the difference between these sorts of feelings and wanting another new baby. I have sad moments of them growing, but I am at peace and so thankful.

I am at a place now where I just try my best to enjoy the moments, the days and not let them pass me by amidst the chaos that seems to be 24/7 :-). So, I was very glad to read this! Needed to hear it from someone in the same boat as myself!

Good luck with your laundry and I'll keep checking in for your awesome camping pics!

Hugs, Liz! I'm still here reading all the time even if you don't hear from me too often. I sure think of you a lot though!

jennohara said...

We camped only 2 nights, and it was enough for me! My hat goes off to you! :)
Looking forward to your pics!

Emmy said...

Yes, sometimes new parents feel like they can never go out but I just want to yell go while you can newborns are so portable!! Well she might be trouble but she sure is cute!

Sarah Kate said...

Well, even if she is a fussy pants, she's a CUTE fussy pants! :o)

You are a brave soul to go camping in the first place...but with four girls? You guys are incredible!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Well, she just wants to make sure she isn't overlooked. Right??? Bless her....that face is of a cherub!
Glad you survived the trip, can't wait to see photos!


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