Friday, July 20, 2012

Family Camp 2012

We look forward to my family reunion camp-out each year.
If you asked the girls what their favorite time of year is I'd be willing to bet they'd say "Family Reunion!" {Either that, or Christmas.  It'd be close}.
We have been going over a few days early for the last several years.  A little extended camp-out.  It gives Jeremy more time to fish, the girls more time to play, and me more time to work my boot off keeping everything running.  Juuuuuuuust kidding.  Kind of.
Our trip starts the same way each year.  A stop at Safeway to pick up ice for the coolers, fuel up the truck, and pop in to McDonald's for breakfast.  {No McDonald's for me, though.  I think I mentioned before, but I have issues.  Lots of issues.  And one of them happens to be that I have the most nervous stomach ever.  I have no idea what I think might happen during our travels, but I get myself completely worked up over the most ridiculous things.  So. No food for me before a trip.}


Taylor, on the other hand, has no worries at all.  And she's loving this McDonald's tradition.


We caravan with my parents, and traditionally stop in Bend for lunch.  Gramps needed to pick up some batteries, and decided a little candy treat for the girls was in order.

Oh, I just have to mention.  Kameryn is the BEST TRAVELER EVER.  Best.  This girl has been a super star traveler for a long time.  Give her a book, or an iPod, and you don't hear a peep out of her.  She never asks, "how much looonnnggger?"  Not once.  She's our travel girl ;)


We pulled in, jumped out of the truck, and literally ran to the water.


This year, we started something new {that I am determined to make tradition}.  The first full day of camping, when the boys went out fishing for the day, my mom and I loaded the girls up, and drove in to Bend for some shopping.  Or rather, looking.  We didn't have any money to shop with ;)


Taylor took a liking to one of the mannequins in Baby Gap.
{Can't say I blame her, there were some ADORABLE outfits goin' on in that place}


Then Nana took us out to lunch at Red Robin.
Shopping and lunch . . . I'm sorry, but for me, it beats out camping any day! :)
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Love Being A Nonny said...

Shopping and lunch is MY KIND of camping trip!

Jessica said...

Cute pictures! Glad you are having a warm summer- it seemed to take a while to get warm in your neck of the woods, but maybe it is here to stay. : )

Jenny said...

Yes, shopping and lunch is way better than camping!

Cute pics!

Anonymous said...

That lake water looks REALLY inviting!!! Cute action shot there!

Shopping instead of camping sounds like a better deal to me, too! And Taylor fell in love with a headless mannequin! Eeek!

MiMi said...

Shopping and lunch is MY kind of camping! And the outlet mall in Bend is awesome. :)
I love Bend.
I LOVE that shot of Taylor and the mannequin!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Shopping and eating are two of my favorite past times....and you hardly ever run into a bug or snake!
Lovely photos! How cute is Taylor's little pony tail? SO cute!

Miller Racing Family said...

Sounds like a blast. I join you in the nervous stomach problem. I say that is one of my gifts for having kiddos, lol.
Hope you had a great weekend.


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