Thursday, October 23, 2014


With four little girls in this house, it sure seems like things are constantly changing.

And . . . I don't like change.

I never have.

Like, when I was a child, and my mom would rearrange my bedroom . . .

I cried for days.


Now, don't get me wrong, there are good changes.

Like when you're expecting a new baby!!! SQUEAL!!!!!! 

I can't think of a more exciting change!

But that's not what's going on here :(

What's going on here is that this little muffin:
Kam with teefers

{Miss Kameryn Faith circa: 2009}

Turned into this BIG girl down here {OVERNIGHT, I might add}

And the other day she mentioned something about a loose tooth.

Now, is there anything more grown up than losing teeth??

That's like, the universal sign of not being a baby anymore, right?

So, I did what any mom would  do:  I ignored it.  And hoped it would go away.

But it didn't.

And this morning she insisted that it was REALLY loose.

So then this happened:

{Sissy inspecting the loose-ness}.

And then shortly after, this:

Followed by a LOT of crying {from me}.

And even though I'm in denial.  I thought I should document.

Because someday {soon, I'm afraid}, the little girl above will be all grown up.

And I'm pretty sure I'll be crying then too. 
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