Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy 3 to Me!

I cannot believe my third baby girl turns three today.  In some ways, that day seems like a lifetime ago.  In other ways, it feels like just yesterday.

{Get ready for some pictures, people.}

~~ ♥ ~~ ♥ ~~ ♥ ~~ ♥ ~~

Miss Kameryn Faith . . .

My two girlies, soon to be 3!

Three years ago today you came into this world, a little bit early.   After nearly two weeks in the hospital on bedrest, daily ultrasounds, and frequent chats with the NICU staff outlining what to expect, this Mama was surprised and elated that you were born completely healthy. 

A night under the Bili Lights

There were a few hurdles. 
Some we expected {bili lights, daily weigh-ins}, and some we didn't.

But it didn't take long for you to settle right in to our little family.

Sleepy Girl

And you fit just perfectly.

Girly Girls

You grew and grew.  Rather quicly, I might add.


And changed.  And grew some more.


And became your own little {adorable} person. 


{You came with me to every doctor's appointment when I was pregnant with Taylor.  You loved hopping right up on the table with me, holding the doppler, and finding the heartbeat.  And I loved that you kept me company.}


You LOVE sweets.  And I'm not going to lie, I think it's kinda sweet ;)  Of course we push the fruits and veggies, and proteins too.  But I can't help but give in to the sweets occasionally.  Especially when you ask in the most adorable way. 



In June, you became a big sister! 
You are the sweetest, most caring, and loving big sissy ever. 
Not once have you ever shown one bit of jealousy or even annoyance with little Taylor. 
You always want to hold her and play with her.
I am so so happy you two have each other because I just know you will be super close.


You are so full of life. 
I always get such a kick out of the things you do and say. 
Spirited?  Ohhhh yeah.


You know what you want {and that's good}. 
And if you don't get it, well, you don't like it.  {And that's a teachable moment}.


You are SUCH a big helper.  You love to help in the kitchen, and ask to do so daily. 


You are the most beautiful little princess ever, sweet girl! 
And I love how you complete our family.
Love you bigger than the sky!
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Kelli @ RTSM said...

What a sweet post Liz! Happy Birthday to Ms. Kam!

Foursons said...

Happy 3rd Birthday sweet girl! I love reading all about Ms. Kam. She is just to precious for words.

MiMi said...

Omagosh. So beautiful! I love that picture where her sisters are holding her and she's looking off at something. Her little eyes...they have that same spark they do now! :) Happy birthday little one!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

So sweet! Happy 3rd Birthday to your darling girl!

Abra said...

love everything here. she has the most beautiful hair! i feel like i watched kam grow up on's kind of when i started to follow your blog. :)

Jenny said...

She's beautiful! Happy 3rd Birthday to Kam!!

Miller Racing Family said...

What a sweet post. She is such a super cute little girl.
Hope you all have a great birthday weekend!

Xazmin said...

Love this post. She is gorgeous! As always - I love all your pictures. I hope she had a wonderful birthday!

Geri said...

Kameryn is a constant reminder that God answers prayers. What a blessing you are to our family. Happy Birthday Kameryn I love you ~~~ Gramma

Colleen said...

How can it be that your girls are just prettier than the other...all of them!! Happy Birthday to your 3rd princess :)

MomBrose said...

Happy birthday sweet Kam! She's just so beautiful! :) I love the unhappy face because her headband is down on her forehead and Bailey does that purposefully. :) They are two peas in a pod!

Caseybumpinalong said...

Precious, precious pictures! Happy 3 to your beautiful girl!

Anonymous said...

Kam is my kinda girl!!! :o) You can normally find me with something sweet in my hands, too. ;o) Happy birthday to your sweet girl!!! Can't wait to see pics from the party!

jennohara said...

Happy Birthday Miss Kam!!
Such a sweet post. LOVING all the pictures.

Busy Bee Suz said...

*tear tear* what a fitting tribute to your spirited and beautiful little girl. I love that she is such a great big sister!!!

WhisperingWriter said...

I hope she has a great birthday. Beautiful photos!!

Connie said...

Happy Birthday! You are so beautiful!


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