Wednesday, January 18, 2012

♥ 7 Months ♥

Well, here we are, another month gone by. 
I'm trying not to sound so depressed by it, but goodness time moves quickly. 
There are so many happy things about children getting older.  Watching them grow and learn. 
But it's hard for me too.  Funny how your attitude changes when it's not Baby #1 anymore.

I remember when Sierra was a baby, I was anxious for her to reach new milestones.  I was down on my hands and knees trying to teach her to crawl.  I wanted her to grow, grow, grow!  But now, with Taylor most likely being our last baby, I just want a PAUSE button.  Really, is that so much to ask?

So.  Miss Taylor Grace . . . You are ♥ 7 Months old today! ♥


You are changing SO much these days.  It's like overnight you have become a different baby.
You smile all the time, but now you're also finding so much humor in everything.
The funniest?  Big Sissy Kam.  She can crack you up like no other. 
Probably because she's a little on the crazy side.

You're a big girl!  At your six month check you were more than 19 pounds, so I'm guessing you're at least 20 by now.  You're sitting up.  Mostly.  If we're not careful, we tip over at times, but for the most part you are happy to sit and play.

You LOVE to eat.  And you'd rather feed yourself than let Mama do it.  You can pick up a Cheerio with such ease, and maneuver it right to your little mouth.  And you've been drinking from a straw for weeks.  Since before you were six months!  That seems so early to me!


You are finally getting some teeth!  I think Kam was about your age when she got her first tooth, but Sierra had teeth by 5 1/2 months, and Kenners . . . she wasn't even 5 months!


You bring such joy to our family.  I cannot imagine life without you in it.  I love your snuggles, smiles, noises, jabbering {that's new and so so adorable}, expressions.  Everything. 

Stay little for just a while longer, okay?

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MiMi said...

She's so adorable. I could eat her up!
Wouldn't you be shocked if you had one more and it was a boy??

Jenny said...

First of all, your pictures are amazing! I love the backdrop, banner, basket and of course the gorgeous baby! You did an awesome job of getting the right lighting too.

I can't believe Taylor is 7 months already. And using a straw?! Abby couldn't even figure out the sippy cup yet. LOL!

You seriously have such beautiful girls!

marie said...

Your pictures kill me, those eyes and sweet chubby hands. I loved and adored my babies but now that my youngest is 6, Oh I long to hold and snuggle with a baby.

jennohara said...

Oh my my....what a beauty you have there. I dont know how I missed it, but I didn't do a "7 month" post for Hailey!! ARGH!!
Hey, and whats this about "most likely" your last baby? Ooooh one more maybe???

She's adorable and yes, getting so big way too quickly!

MomBrose said...

She's just angelic :)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Liz she is so beautiful! I love that first picture! And her cute pink headband is killing me...I need some pink and frilly stuff at my house:)

Jessica said...

Sweet little photo shoot!

Abra said...

look at those sweet sweet pictures. i love how much you capture each one of your girls. she is #4 and still gets just as much love as and notice as the first. you are an awesome mama!

Emmy said...

Beautiful pictures! Love love her eyes

Busy Bee Suz said...

The face of an angel! You are so blessed Liz.

Foursons said...

I am absolutely loving these shots Liz. Please tell me you're going to display them in your home. :)

How is Kam doing with little sis?


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