Monday, February 25, 2013


Last year we incubated eggs, and it was such an amazing experience.
There is something so incredible about watching new life form.

So . . . we thought we might attempt it again this year :)
Jeremy found a new rooster at the auction.
We'd had to get rid of our rooster from last year because he was MEAN. 
Turns out our new one is just as ornery, so back to the auction he will go when we are through collecting eggs.

41 in all.
That was the maximum number that would fit into the egg turner.

We kept them warm and cozy for 21 days . . .

and yesterday afternoon, we started hearing peeps.
Then eggs started wiggling about.
Peeping got louder . . .
Until finally . . .

 Our first little guy!
8 more joined him {her?} through the night, and we're waiting on the rest today.
And yeah . . . I'm already planning our Easter pictures ;) 
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marie said...

This is such a wonderful experience for kids to witness. I am jealous, not sure I could handle all those cute little chickies.

Jenny said...

So cute! I wish we could see chicks hatch. How fun!

Emmy said...

That is so fun!! How fun for your girls to watch- my kids would love that

Sarah Shumate said...

Oh my goodness...the cuteness! What are you going to do if all 41 hatch? :o)

Busy Bee Suz said...

What a great thing for your girls to witness; creation!
Will you keep all the babies?


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