Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Birthday Tay Tay!

Oh  my goodness.
I said it nearly nine years ago when my oldest turned six, and I've said it with every six year old since.
Six seems SO MUCH OLDER than five.
Six = big girl.
{Particularly in the Fraijo house where every child seems to be in the 97th percentile for height!}
Five is still tiny.
And this year . . .  today, in fact, my youngest baby girl turns six.
I have no more tinies :(

Miss Tay, Happy Sixth Birthday to you ♥

Six years ago you came into this world ~  a big set of lungs, and the most gorgeous little face ever.
And you fit right in to this family.

You tried to catch up to your big sissies. 

You wanted to do everything they did.

And eventually, you toddled right off after them.

You still have a big set of lungs ;)

You have opinions, and like to be heard.

But you're the sweetest cuddler too.

You tell great stories.

And you LOVE animals.

At the moment pigs are your favorites.
You ask for a pet pig about 10 times every single day.

But I *think* you'd be happy with a horse, or puppy, or any pet you could call your very own.

You still don't like to sit still long enough to be read to,
but you could play with Legos for hours.

You enjoy being outside,
but only if the bugs stay away ;)
{I get it!}

You still have a rough time on car rides.

Poor thing, you can't travel far without getting car sick.

But you're a rock star on an airplane.

Which is a good thing, because we traveled by plane three times this year!

You love Disneyland,
had a great time in Maine, and San Diego . . .

But you'd rather be HOME than anywhere else.

You are a new adventure every day.
A new, exciting way to view the world.
A laugh a minute.
A hug.
A smile.
You're our Tay-Tay.
And we love you to the moon!

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Jenny said...

I love all of these pics! I can't believe she's 6 already! Happy birthday to Taylor!


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