Sunday, June 18, 2017

Let's Flamingle!

Miss Tay has decided that Flamingoes are a new favorite, 
which pretty much sealed the deal for a 
Flamingo "6th" Birthday Party.
That was fine by me!
I have loved Flamingoes since I was a little girl myself.

It was just a tiny, little family party,
but that suited us just fine.

We decorated, and made yummy treats just the same.
Tay loved these little pineapple pops.
I used marshmallows instead of cake, and they held their shape great!
And for the pink pops, I used brownies ~ Makenna's favorite.

Wishes were made,
candles were blown,

Gifts were unwrapped.

And my littlest baby girl is now six years old :(

I need time to slow down!

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