Saturday, September 6, 2008

Welcoming a new little Sugarplum . . .

My sister, Annie, had a new baby girl on August 19th. We finally managed to make the trip down to Medford this week, and we were met with the cutest little pumpkin ever! See for yourself! The girls had a ball taking turns holding her . . . I did too! Just check out that sweet little face, and those adorable little feet. Big brother, Jaymes, is quite the cutie too, don't ya think? We just adored the time we got to spend with them. It was great practice for next Spring when we will add a new sugarplum to our own family ;)


onegirliegirl said...

Wow Liz! Congratulations to you and your beautiful family!!! I'm sure the girls can't wait until that baby arrives!

How nice to have cousins so close in age! Hope your feeling well!

xoxo ~L

FLO said...

That baby is beautiful! You giys have got the genes in that family. ;)

So happy for you and the new little sugarplum coming in the spring. Keep me updated. I miss our "chats"!

Hugs and love!


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