Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Crafty Idea #2 . . . Holiday Hair Clips

Looking for more ideas for your own Countdown to Christmas? Look no further! :)

December 1st will be spent crafting our advent calendars {click here for tutorial}, but here is another craft on my list to be done earlier in the month rather than later.

Holiday Hair Clippies!
{Don't have a little girl to share these with? No problem! I happen to think they look lovely in mama's 'do too!}

You'll need:

I use fabri-tac, but there are lots of great adhesives out there. Alligator clips {you can find these at the craft store. I bought mine on Etsy.} Ribbon {3/8" works nicely}, and embellishments.

First I measure the ribbon to cover the clip. {You can do this by placing ribbon right-side-down and clasping alligator clip on top, then wrap ribbon around the clip to cover it entirely, and measure. I find that I use about 6 inches, give or take}. Then I lay the ribbon flat, right side down and apply a thin line of fabric-tac from end to end of the wrong side of the ribbon. You'll want to apply enough adhesive that it will hold, but not so much that you've got glue oozing out the sides. You'll find the balance ;) Once glue is applied to the ribbon, take the clip again and clamp it down on one end of ribbon, glue side up. Wait a few seconds to let it adhere, then continue to wrap the ribbon around the rest of the clip, pressing down occasionally. Hold for a minute or two to let it set. Fabri-tac happens to set quite quickly. Once your clip is covered in ribbon, you can glue on some fancy-shmancy embellishments.

If you'd rather sew than glue {like me!}, you can cover a snap clip in felt and sew on your embellishments. Not as much mess, but a bit more time-consuming. First, I cut the felt to the shape of the clip, leaving a little more than 1/4" all around. You'll need two pieces ~ a top piece and a bottom piece. Next I poke a little slit in the bottom piece and slide the bottom part of the open snap clip through. Then I snap the clip closed on top of the bottom piece of felt. Lay the top piece of felt on top of the clip and get your needle ready to sew the top and bottom together. I like the look of a blanket stitch, so that is typically what I use. Stitch around the clip, finish it off, and voila! {hint: If you're adding an embellishment, it is easiest to do that before joining the top and bottom pieces}. I recently taught Sierra {7 years old} the blanket stitch, and she does a pretty good job with it, and enjoys making the snap clips. Makenna is a bit young for sewing, so we'll be using glue and alligator clips ;)

Stay tuned for more ideas for your own Countdown to Christmas!

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Rhonda said...

I think I'll make some of these for my niece! Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Chanin said...

Thank you so much for this great idea! I have all the supplies already, so I am ready to go, just didn't think of doing these! I have 4 little girls, so these will work out great!! :)

Jenny said...

Those are so cute and would make a great gift!

He & Me + 3 said...

Ok, I don't sew at glue for me. But Model is asking for a sewing machine for Christmas...just the toy singer...but who will teach her to use it? LOL
cute Hair clips.

Foursons said...

I can't wait to start our December of fun!

Anonymous said...

Liz, you are so cleaver! I keep thinking how little of this you got from me. I learn something new every day from you. Thank you.


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