Saturday, March 5, 2011

Time with Friends

Yesterday we got to visit with friends. Is there anything better than a little time spent with friends?

It had been way.too.long. But these are the kind of friends you can catch up with in a matter of minutes. Close friends who know you well. The best kind of friends.


And if that weren't enough . . . they introduced us to the cutest, cuddliest animal friends!


The girls had a ball feeding these little lambs.


And snuggling with kitties.


And petting sweet little bun-buns!

So refreshing.

And speaking of refreshing, who is ready for Spring?

{Me, Me!!!}

I cannot wait for blue skies, rays of sunshine, sweet-smelling fresh-cut grass, and these beauties popping up everywhere.

Spring Flowers

Spring is a time of renewal, don't you think?

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Impulsive Addict said...

I'm sooooo ready for spring!

I loved those adorable pictures of the little animals! I bet the kiddos had fun. I think I want a bunny.

Have a great weekend~

Jenny said...

The header pics are cute!

I love that kitty! What a sweet face!

Jessica said...

Oh, that rabbit makes me hopeful for Spring!

Kelli said...

I love time with friends...great friends...nothing like it. I love your new header too. That last picture of the flowers is just beautiful and making me hopeful that Spring will arrive soon.

jennohara said...

Those are great pictures! Definitely ready for spring!

Rhonda said...

Me, me too...I'm ready for Spring! Love your header! That bunny is adorable.

Abra said...

great pictures! and how fun is it to feed a lamb?! i have never done that before.

and yes, spring is renewal. i need it.

He & Me + 3 said...

Jealous of your weather. I cannot wait to get back outside and be shooting in natural light. Gorgeous pictures. We have friends like that too. Such a blessing.

Connie said...

I love baby animals!!

shortmama said...

Aww what cute pics of the animals!

The weather here is heating up way too fast!

MomBrose said...

Those are gorgeous pictures!! I love the new blog look. You're amazing.
I haven't kept up on blogs lately but yours is one I go to just to "check in". Glad to see that you guys are enjoying spring. :)

Becca said...

As usual, your pics are GORG!!!!!!

How are you feeling Momma??


jennykate77 said...

I LOVE that bunny!! We have bunnies who live behind our house...a whole family of them! Isaiah (and his momma) are a tad bit obsessed. We just love the little guys and leave them treats out in the yard.

The pictures are absolutely GORGEOUS! As always. So cute.

Spring is definitely a time of renewal. I couldn't agree more.

Susana said...

These are not only super sweet and fun pictures, but your photography skills are over the top awesome:-)!

I've been meaning to ask you, what camera and lens/lenses are you using now? I remember you got a new one around Christmas time. I'm camera shopping now for my upcoming birthday.

Hoping you are feeling well!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Those are beautiful pictures! So glad you had a nice day to interrupt a string of stressful ones.


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