Thursday, November 17, 2011

Photo Tip Thursday

Just a quick tip for today :)

Change up your point of view.

Get low.  {Lie on your tummy and see things the way your little ones do}
Shoot from above. {stand on a chair or step stool}

Enjoy telling the story from a different vantage point.


No tip next Thursday due to Thanksgiving, but keep practicing, and put that White Balance to work.  I still want to see your photos taken on a different WB setting than you normally use! :)

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Connie said...

Great tip!

M just saw your header and said *cute baby*. The thing is....she doesn't like babies. But she just told me that she likes them when they are in pictures...but not in person.


Kelli @ RTSM said...

Liz this is a great tip! I need to find a great step stool so I can try shooting from above...I too short to do it any other way:)

Kelli said...

I think this is great. I always love to see my friend Lyndsey try different angles and I do need to work on that. Maybe I'll do that AND work with WB :)

Jenny said...

Great tip. I'm going to try to get a Christmas card pic of Abby today. We'll see how it goes!

MiMi said...

It took me forever to learn about getting down on their level...those turn out the best! But. Getting on a stool or chair? That's brilliant! 'Specially since I'm so short.

The Jill Dobson Show said...

Hello from New York City! I can't believe you have four daughters!!!! Congratulations! Thanks for your kind words about my new little one. I'm not sure I could do this four times over. But the one I have is wonderful! :) --Jill

Anonymous said...

Oh good! Something I'm actually already doing! :o)

Ever since the white balance post I've been way more diligent about adjusting it to the proper lighting before I start taking a picture! It really had made a difference. Although, I really wish I had the option of manually setting it the way you do. I'm stuck with 7-8 different preset options.


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