Sunday, February 23, 2014

Happy 9th Birthday, Makenna!

Happy 9th birthday, my sweet Makenna.


Goodness, nine years old. Why does that seem so much older than 8?
Miss Makenna, you are such a light in our lives.


You pretty much love life.
Every day is a new adventure, and you're ready to face it.


Your giggle . . .
it's still infectious.
I dare anyone to listen to that giggle, and not burst into a fit of giggles themselves.

You are continually grateful for the littlest things.


And you find the joy in the every day.

I cannot believe my baby girl is nine years old today!

Happy Birthday, Makenna!
May God bless this next year.
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Jenny said...

Happy Birthday, Makenna! What a great girl. I can't believe she is 9 already!

jennohara said...

Happy Birthday pretty pretty girl!!


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