Sunday, November 27, 2016

Countdown to Christmas is NEAR . . . And a Giveaway!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Jeremy had to work this year, so we were missing him something fierce.
But we enjoyed time spent with family, and lots of delicious food!
And it doesn't hurt that he has most of the rest of the year off work! 

The turkey is gone.
The pie plates are empty.
We've brought the Christmas decor up from the basement.

It is time, y'all!

Countdown to Christmas is right around the corner.

If you've been here long {or ever}, you know that this is our FAVORITE time of year.
Many moons ago I made an advent tree for the girls.
Each day in December they pull out a card indicating the activity, outing, craft, etc. for the day.
We have so much fun!
And I would LOVE it if you'd join in as well.

Plan your own crafts, outings, activities, and post them in the links.
I'm always in need of fresh ideas; let's share!

Here are a few posts from previous years:

And to kick off the season, how about a Giveaway?!

What Countdown is complete without a cookie-baking day??

*Cookie Plate
*Snowman Cookie Cutter
*Snowflake Sprinkles
*$15 Starbucks Gift Card

To Enter:

Comment on this Blog Post your FAVORITE CHRISTMAS TRADITION :)

I will pick a winner on Sunday night, December 4th.

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Jenny said...

I love Christmas! I'm so excited to follow your Christmas Countdown. I'm working on Abby's now. She's getting older and some of the things we've done in the past won't work. :( I need to find some new ideas.

So my favorite Christmas tradition is Merry Jammy Christmas. My sister made it up years ago. For Christmas day, we all (adults too) stay in our PJ's, no dressing up! It's so much more relaxing and comfortable. Plus, we buy cute Christmas jammies every year. We were able to get the kids matching ones again at Gymboree. They have adult sizes at Christmas. Abby and Matthew are out of the kids sizes.

Christy Hidalgo said...

What a fun idea! I love hearing ideas from others! My favorite part of our 25 Days of Christmas is watching the kids reach out to others. The last couple years have been difficult and very tight....but no matter what we have been through, the kids are excited to share with others. Last year we bought a couple gift cards and handed them out to strangers in the parking lot. The kids loved it. I love watching the joy on their faces. I also love the extra time spent together and the memories made!

Judy Adams said...

There's no time like Christmas time! I love absolutely everything about the season from Christmas Music to baking! My birthday is also in December(Dec. 9) so I feel like I was just born to love Christmas haha. From a young age I have always tried to make Christmas magical for my family and have tried to bring closeness and warm feeling that comes during the holidays. Along with this, my family and I developed many Christmas traditions. All of them are so special to me that it is hard to pick my favorite, so I'll go with the one that stands out to me the most when I think about growing up and Christmas.
It is our Ornament tradition. Each year growing up my parents would gift each child with an ornament having to do with something that we had accomplished that year. For example when I made the varsity volleyball team, they gave me a volleyball ornament and when they surprised me with a trip to visit my friend in another state, they gave me an airplane ornament. All these ornaments are so precious and important to me as I look back on my childhood. Today I do the same thing with my own children in hopes that they too will be able to look back on their ornaments and remeber significant things correlating to each year of their childhood.

Rhonda Mason said...

You always had the best ideas at Christmas time with your precious family! My favorite tradition is opening pj's and a special ornament that has meaning for the year on Christmas Eve. Also, looking at Christmas lights with hot chocolate and singing as loud as we can to as many Christmas songs on the way. Great fun!

I miss reading blogs like yours and blogging myself. Looking forward to what you do this year. So thankful I can keep you through facebook!

Wishing you all well!

AndreaC said...

Going out to the Christmas tree farm with our kids and extended family to pick out and cut down the perfect tree! :)

Sarah Shumate said...

Obviously not entering since I'd never expect you to mail something to Singapore - ha! - but my favorite tradition is, without a doubt, watching It's A Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve night. We do this every year, just the three of us. And technically it's not always on the "real" Christmas Eve, since we typically travel to see family around the holidays, so we celebrate our own family Christmas sometime before and have our Christmas Eve tradition the night before that. For example, Christmas Eve for us this year is on Dec 9 (yay!) since we leave the following weekend for the US. :)

I have to say, celebrating the holidays in a country where it's 90 degrees year round has felt weird. I'm hoping it's at least a little chilly in Arizona and Tennessee while we're there!


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