Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Countdown to Christmas 2016 ~ Week 2

I'm not gonna lie, we've had a rough December so far.

Emotions are running high, and it's such a crazy-busy time of year anyway.  
The two combined aren't always so pretty.
But, we've been trying to find time each day to really appreciate this magical season,
and celebrate the real meaning behind it ~ the birth of our Lord and Savior ~ Jesus Christ.

Our countdown this last week:

Day 7

Read Christmas Stories.
Each of the girls picked out their favorite, we snuggled on the couch, and read.

Day 8

Dental Appointments.
Ha! What a fun countdown activity, right?

But after a couple of hours in the dental chairs, and five check-ups behind us,
we celebrated with donuts at the local bakery ;)

Day 8 also found us decorating Nana and Grandpa's tree.

Day 9

Make Christmas Gift Tags

Day 10

Pedicures at Home.
I had thought how fun it would be to gather up Nana and Grandma and head to the salon with the girls.  But after calculating the cost of 7 pedicures, I thought it wise to just buy a mini spa tub!

Day 11

Baking Gingerbread Cookies . . .

. . . and decorate at Grandma's

And yesterday, Day 12

We went to see Moana!
Oh my goodness, what a wonderful movie!  I absolutely loved it!!

It didn't hurt that our theater has recliners *and* we were the only ones in the whole theater!

What has been keeping you busy?
Are you all done shopping?

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1 comment :

Jenny said...

Abby and I went to the dentist today for cleanings!

LOL at your pedicure cost comment, 7 would be so expensive!

So, this past week we did:
December 8- A snowman needlepoint kit
December 9- A mini Reese's cup
December 10- Looked at Christmas lights
December 11- Watched Home Alone
December 12- Christmas craft (It's on instagram)
December 13- Steak N Shake holiday shakes and Christmas lights

I'm so sorry your December has been rough. :(


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