Sunday, August 6, 2017

Summer Recap ~ Family Reunion

Summer is zooming by way too fast, y'all!
We've been going, going, going since June.

And our favorite getaway every summer is
camping at Crane Prairie.

Most summers we make it over to Central Oregon twice.
First for my family reunion camp-out:

And then again with Jeremy's Mom for a nice, little girls getaway 
{plus fishing for Jerm}:

Poor Miss Tay was not feeling well the morning we left.
She has a super sensitive tummy.
We really can't travel at all without her getting car sick, and now she seems
to be sensitive to certain foods.
Poor Darlin'.

Sis and Kenners got to go out fishing the first day.

The rest of us girls got to hang around camp feeding these cute little guys,
and relaxing.

The sunsets while we were there were AH-MAZING.

We spent some time in the water,

And exploring trails on nature walks.
This little mama was so cute, parading her ducklings around.

Big Sissies are the best.
Always there to lend a piggy back when needed.

And there to share secrets.

And then, the morning we were preparing to head home, Kam went out fishing with Jeremy one last time.  And came back with this guy!  
The second biggest fish of the season at Crane Prairie!
I'm pretty sure her face says it all.
She was ELATED.
Sweet girl.

A quick group shot before heading home.

And that's that.
The end of our camping season for 2017 :(

What is your favorite summer outing??


Jenny said...

I just love all of these pictures! So many memories were made! Poor Tay and her tummy. Abby has some tummy issues and I need to call the GI doctor again. I hope you guys are able to figure it out.

The Summer is so hot usually, so we don't do trips. Dave and I will be going to Branson to celebrate our 16th anniversary next weekend! We're looking forward to that and Abby is excited to spend the night at my Mom and Dad's.

Sarah Shumate said...

Beautiful pictures, as always! Those sunset colors are just incredible and I love the lake shots with the mountains in the background. What a beautiful place.

I can totally commiserate with Tay. Seems I'm sensitive to just about every food there is these days. It's hard for me, so I can't imagine how hard it must be for her. Poor baby!


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