Thursday, December 18, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

*Playing in the snow with children, How-Tos* (Use pictures, below, for visual aid)

#1. Bundle up. Start with a warm layer, add snow bibs, scarves, hats, (enormous) gloves, super plush and bulky parkas, and snow boots. Once the little sugarplums are unable to move a muscle, you'll know you're set! Just as you're ready to head out the door you will hear "I have to go potty!" Peel off layer after layer, send them to the bathroom, then start again from the beginning.

#2. Once outside fling yourself into the snow and start vigorously moving your arms and legs to create the perfect snow angel. Repeat this step 42 million times all throughout your yard.

#3. Sneak a nibble of snow when no one is watching ;)

When you've had your fill of the fluffy white stuff, come in for some hot cocoa!

Enjoy these special moments with your own sugarplums. They grow so quickly!

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