Monday, July 27, 2009

Six months . . .

Half of one whole year.

One hundred eighty-one days.

However you call it.

My baby girl is six months old today.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Kam, you bring me so much joy.

You are full of smiles.

Are beginning to act shy.
{which is soooo cute!}

You love, love, love your sissies.
{They bring you the most smiles}

Still don't have any teeth!
Are sitting on your own
{If only for a few seconds before you get too wiggly}
Have recently had your first tastes of rice cereal,
{oh so yummy}
But prefer to grab tastes {literally} of whatever I'm eating.
Continue to catch your ZZZs in bed with Mama and Daddy.
LOVE to be outside.
♥ ♥ ♥
You are getting so big!
You have hit the 17 pound mark, and continue to grow each day.
You have the chubbiest little baby legs and arms ever
{and everyone comments on them!}
You have beautiful blue eyes with the longest lashes
{and everyone comments on those, as well!}
You have come a LOOOOOONG way from this:

We love you so much more than we ever thought possible.

If I hold you tight and wish hard enough,
could you stay just as you are?

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J.J. said...

This post is so sweet with the Tracy Chapman in the background. I love it. Brings tears to my eyes. I love my babies.

Foursons said...

That first year flies by so fast and they change so MUCH! I'm glad you're enjoying the time and not to exhausted to relish it.

Chrissy said...

Aw! Happy 6 month birthday!

Vivienne said...

I love her!! She's so beautiful. (They all are... no wonder,with their beautiful Mama...)

I wish we could stop time with our little ones too.

♥Amber Filkins♥ said...

Oh my goodness! She is so cute.

And WOW, I'm glad JJ mentioned that Tracy Chapman song. I always have my sound off. But that song is AMAZING. So moving. Definitely a new fave. wow.

Tiffany said...

She is a dolly! It is hard to believe how fast the first year flies by. I wish I could stop time for a bit and REALLY enjoy my eleven month old before he turns a year. *sigh* Enjoy your sweetie!

Colleen said...

What a beautiful picture of you and her on the beach...sigh....six months is such a wonderful age!

He & Me + 3 said...

She is so precious. I love that picture of you two on the cute.
Yes, time sure does fly when they are little.

Priscilla said...

Happy 6 months to your SWEET SWEET girl!!! she's soooo darn cute (and you look gorgeous!) ... I love my boys but I am jealous of girl moms and all the CUTESY clothes they get to buy (but hey...I save $$ and get to buy MYSELF more cute hot mom clothes, heheh)

~~Mel~~ said...

Happy 6 months Kam! She looks so tiny in the hospital pic, was she premature?

Anonymous said...

This brought me to tears, Liz! We are so blessed, aren't we?! I love having you all so close!


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