Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Kenner-Bug!

My second-born daughter turns FIVE years old today. Oh where does the time go? Where??? This birthday definitely snuck up on me. Somehow my baby isn't a baby anymore.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Happy 5th birthday, Kenner-Bug! You bring so much joy to our lives.

Here's Sissy, getting a good look at ya

You still love bath time! :)

You've always been such a good sleeper. Unlike, ahem, your sissies.

So serious.

Your smile seriously brightens the day
You ♥ LOVE ♥ your big sissy. It is so sweet to watch you look up to all that she does.

What fun times we have together

You seem to find the fun in everything

Leave it to bug to be the one to get her hands dirty.

You have the greatest sense of humor, and make us laugh all.the.time!

The infamous neck pillow. That's what I mean, Bug, you march to the beat of your own drum!

You are growing into such a BEAUTIFUL young lady inside and out. And this mama couldn't be more proud.

Love you bigger than the sky!

{And can't wait to hit the water slides at Great Wolf with you tomorrow. Wheeee!}

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Foursons said...

She is so beautiful. Happy 5th Birthday to her!

J.J. said...

what great pics!!!! Happy 5th to her! You good Mommie!

Rhonda said...

She is so beautiful! Happy Birthday Kenner! Hope you have a blast tomorrow! Great pics...my how time sure does fly.

MomBrose said...

You are so right! Kindred spirits! She is a knock out gorgeous little girl!! What blessed mamas we are. Miss Kenner and Skylar's personalities sound very similar too!! :) Enjoy your special day with her!

Ellemes said...

Such a pretty little girl! Happy birthday to her.

And water slides - how fun!

Connie Weiss said...

What a beauty! Happy 5th Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Makenna does have the greatest sense of humor. I love her little giggle and that wonderful smile. How special she is!!!!

Jenny said...

I can see a lot of Kam in her baby pics.

She's adorable and sounds so fun!

Happy birthday to Kenner!

jenjen said...

Happy birthday - she is just adorable! Cute cute pictures!

I hope things are going well with you guys. Have a wonderful week!


Nocona said...

My middle one turned 5 this year too! It seemed weird to me too that it has been five years already. Your girls are beautiful.

Kelli said...

Your girls are just absolutely adorable! Happy birthday to your sweet girl.

~~Mel~~ said...

Happy 5th Birthday Kenners! You are a gorgeous girl with a great personality!


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