Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ten on Ten, March 2012

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Back in September, I participated in Ten on Ten, and I've been missing it.  So I thought I'd join in today.  The rules are simple: One photo every hour for ten hours, on the tenth of the month.

I, somehow missed the 8ish hour, oops!  So I added in an extra photo.  I'm such a trouble-maker.

Here we go!
Have I mentioned that we've been incubating eggs?  Well, we have.  And for the last three weeks we've been taking extra special care of them.  Last night, we thought we heard a little . . . peeping.  So we knew we were getting close!  And then, this started happening around 6:30am

Shortly after, my big girls came home {they spent the night next door, at Nana and Grandpa's because their cousin was visiting}.  They were so excited to check in on the eggs.


{Sierra with Cousin Kuaile}

{Please ignore the fact that I completely spaced snapping a photo at 8:30.  Ahem.}

By 9:30, we were ready for some breakfast. 
Miss Taylor thoroughly enjoyed hers.

After breakfast, Taylor went down for a nap, leaving me a bit of time to finish up a project I've been working on . . . 25 hair clips for a hair accessory exchange I'm attending next month.


By 11:30 Taylor was waking up from her morning nap.

And by 12:30 I was ready for lunch!  Jeremy barbecued burgers, yum!

After lunch my big girls came home for good.  Bringing all of their sleepover items with them, and dropping them right in the middle of the living room floor ;)

I decided fresh-baked bread sounded good for dinner . . .


This afternoon I caught Sis and Kenners watching a movie: Prince Caspian.

I started shelling shrimp at 4:30 . . .

. . .  and by 5:30 dinner was on!


That was my day.  What was yours like?
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Jess said...

Oh, new chicks, so exciting! Sounds like your 10th was fabulous.

Kiki said...

Wow, that photo of Taylor is amazing (her eyes are so blue!). Great set!

Jordan said...

You mean to tell me that we're supposed to take the photo at *exactly* ten after?! :) Mostly I'm in the middle of dishes or hair doing or some other task that requires all my hands and attention so it's usually more like a quarter after or so.

Great photos!

Our Beaten Path said...

NO WAY-how cool about the chicks! I would have missed the 8:30 shot too...I would have been too excited over the babies. :) Great photos! Looks like a wonderful day. Oh, and your hair bows were too cute!

Colleen said...

Mmmmm, you're making me hungry. My kids have pillow pets like that and love them!

MiMi said...

Oh man, that reminds me of my youngest's pre school class...they had chicks all hatched and they were in a tub with the light all nice and cozy...and someone tipped over their water bottle.
The carnage. It was bad.
I bet you're happy I told you that sick story huh? Gah.

Leanne said...

Lovely set, That photo of the eggs cracking is beautiful- how exciting!

Jenny said...

That's awesome about the chicks. Great pics!

marie said...

The little face down nap taker is killing me, so adorable.

Kelli said...

Isn't ten on ten fun!!! Looks like you all had a wonderful Saturday. Both lunch and dinner look delicious! My kids to the same thing with their overnight bags. Those hair clips are so cute!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I loved doing ten on ten! Your day looks great and I am very familiar with the 'dropping of stuff' in the middle of the room, it's universal!!!


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