Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Odds & Ends

Do you ever have those days that just fly by and you're not quite sure where they went? 
That's pretty much been the last few months for me.

Jeremy came down with some sort of virus last week, so it was pretty much a constant battle of trying to keep the girls away from the germs, while still taking care of him ;)  I will comment no further, because literally every time I open my mouth about us managing to stay away from ilness, someone inevitably gets ahold of one.

Taylor is growing and growing and changing every single day.
 It's crazy. 
I guess I had forgotten how much babies change at this age. 
She pulls up to standing all the time. 

She just stands there, holding on with one hand, and waving with the other, as if to rub it in that she has no intentions on staying "the baby" for very long.

And yes, she got her first taste of curly fries at Arby's on Friday.  She's fast, that one!

The girls teamed up with my mom and dad to plan a little anniversary celebration for Jeremy and me.
Poor Jerm was still burning up with fever, but we trekked next door for a quick cake and ice cream.  The girls had made a banner, and decorated with streamers and balloons.  It was so so sweet.

Yesterday, I made THESE for the second time in a week.  I spotted them on Pinterest, and knew they'd be a hit.  Yesterday I skipped the donut-sculpting, and just cut the biscuits into fourths and threw them in the oil to fry. 

They were the perfect size for little hands :)


Unfortunately, they were inhaled shortly after I made them, and I never did get a picture of the finished product.  Next time.


And today we got out the craft foam for some Eastery-Crafty Goodness. 

What have y'all been busy doing?
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MiMi said...

I've made those donuts before....MMMM!! :)
Your girls are so sweet...I am pretty sure that my boys will never surprise us with something sweet like that because boys just don't think that way!

Jenny said...

Did she like the fry? How cute!

Sorry that Jeremy is sick, that stinks! I hope you all stay healthy.

Kelli said...

These days do seem to just be flying by! That Taylor looks so sweet with her french fries (they are pretty yummy!) Ooh, donuts...I can see why they would go so fast :)

MomBrose said...

It's been a rough season of sickness everywhere. Hope you're done with it for a looong while! :)
We've been Easter craftin too. I have every intention to post about it :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Taylor is growing up so fast....must be because she is trying to catch the big sisters!
Naughty donuts? You are a naughty girl for showing me those! I hope the sweet Daddy is feeling better really soon!


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