Friday, December 28, 2012


 I can't believe we're about to say goodbye to 2012.
Honestly?  I am ready.
2012 was the worst year I've ever lived through.
I'm sorry.  I'm not trying to be negative, just honest.

Christmas is over. 
The tree is down. 
The decorations have been packed away.
It was a rough day.

But there was a little bit of beauty to be found. 

Right here. 
These girls.
Such a bright light in my life.

Oh how I love them to pieces.
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Connie said...

I'm hoping that 2013 will be better for your family.


MiMi said...

I totally know how you feel about kicking the year to the curb.
I've had those years in spades.
Here's praying you have a fabulous 2013!!

Jenny said...

I am hoping that 2013 will be wonderful for all of you!

Great pics!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you had a rough year mama. Ours was tough too so I can't honestly say I'm sad to see it go either. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one ready to take down decorations and move on. Tree is down... nativity is put up and tomorrow everything else goes up. Then it's time to get ready for baby! I hope you have a terrific 2013! :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

I think your family deserves some brightness in 2013 too. Love those girls....Happy new year!

Caseybumpinalong said...

I hope your 2013 is a happy one! Love the pics of your adorable girls.

Jamie Jo said...

Coming here from Martin Family Moments (she linky linked you!)

Sad to hear you had a bad year...but kind of feel happy knowing someone else did too. We had a long year with our baby who just turned one, surgeries and pumping milk for him, and just life with 6 kiddos, well, it's been stress-filled to say the least. Throughout the year, I've been saying "It's only a year" "It's only a year" Well... the year is over and I'm excited. I'm excited for things to be different this year...pumping ending in a month...hopefully only one more surgery til school age....

I rambled.
praying for you to have a better 2013 than 2012. (I'll have to scroll through your blog to see why it was hard for you)

Your pictures and daughters are beautiful.

Nice to "meet" you.

Emmy said...

Kids really can make everything better. Hope 2013 is a good year to you


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