Friday, December 21, 2012

Another week has passed us by, and it is now just a handful of days until Christmas! 
If you're like us {and I'm betting you all are}, this last week was almost unbearable.  Friday was full of tears and heartache for the families in Connecticut.  My heart hurts every day, I cannot imagine what all of the mamas and daddies and brothers and sisters are going through this holiday season. 
It is unthinkable.  We continue to pray.
On Friday we decorated gingerbread houses.
Kam enjoyed eating the decorations just as much as she loved decorating with them ;) 


Saturday was busy, busy, busy. 
The girls had dress rehearsal at the studio, and I was there to do photographs. 
I had planned on turning the offer down, especially being so close to Christmas.  But Sierra had begged and begged, and in the end I couldn't say no.  There was many an hour spent editing {dark, dreary day + overhead lighting + natural light photographer = terrible combo}
And I was a little sad to be missing out on those precious moments with my girls.
On the flip side, some of the most beautiful and adorable dancers attend our studio.
The individual shots were definitely my favorite.

Miss Sierra:

Sunday was another busy day. 
We headed down to the church for a family luncheon, and then back down that evening for the Children's Christmas Program.

{Tay was there, she just refused any pictures}

Monday was Christmas Movie Marathon day ;) 
That's code for:  Mama has a bazillion hours of photo editing ahead of her, and she needs to keep the littles occupied, and doesn't have time for a big craft or outing.

Tuesday we had a cousin/friend over to play, baked cookies, and . . . more editing.

Wednesday was a BIG day!  Sierra finally picked out her kitty.  Without typing up a whole, long story . . . Sierra is the biggest helper I know.  For months {years, really} now, she takes notice of what needs to be done, and willingly helps out whenever needed.  I never have to remind her to make her bed, put her laundry away, clear her dishes.  She does all of those things without being told, and she takes on many tasks that aren't her responsibility, simply because she sees that it needs to be done.  Honestly, I don't know what I would do without her. 

She has wanted a kitty for a long while, but Daddy didn't seem real thrilled with the idea.  So she wrote him a letter.  Outlining why she wanted one, and reminding him of all of the things she has done that show how responsible she is.  It worked like a charm ;) 

And Wednesday was the day to finally get her!  

Meet:  Miss Sophia Bentley
 Thursday was Spa Day. 
We typically try to do an at home spa day around the time of a dance recital. 
We get our toes and fingers all prettied up, and pamper ourselves before the big show.

And today is the recital!
My girls have worked so hard for weeks to prepare for this show, and I can't wait to watch!

Alright, y'all . . .what have you been up to?  Are you running around like a crazy person {like me}?  Or are you peacefully enjoying these last few days before Christmas?

Link up below, so that I can see what you're up to!

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Jenny said...

I am so happy for Sierra! What a great young lady you have there.

The girls are adorable. I would have been so nervous about taking pics too. However, you are REALLY good at it. I'm sure everyone loved them.

Yes, the CT shooting is very upsetting. I can't even imagine how all of those families will get through the holidays :(

MiMi said...

I need to borrow Sierra....LOL. What a fantastic girl.
I hope you have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS FRIEND!! <3

Abra said...

hello dear liz! i haven't visited here in so long, ack! look at how big your girls are! i miss reading about what is going on with you all. and look at your photography?! so beautiful, you are getting so good! i hope the recital went lovely--love the spa day idea!

merry christmas to your beautiful family! xo abra

Connie said...

That is a beautiful kitty!

School is now officially OUT!! I'm so happy!


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