Tuesday, May 21, 2013


There is never a dull moment here.
Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed, trying to keep up with everything.
I want to document all of it. 
The every day moments.
Like I used to.
Before life got all crazy.
But that's not an option at this point.
So, I'll take what I can get.
And that is typically several update posts a month.
Here we go.
My brother got married!
And that means that family got together.
Which means that my sister came up for a visit!!!
Life has been difficult for awhile.
Really difficult.
But there is something about having my sister around . . .
it just makes things better.
It's like finding money in the pocket of pants you haven't worn in ages.
Or better yet, finding chocolate!
Not old chocolate, mind you.
And not in your pants.
Oh geez.  You know what I mean.
It's like being surprised with chocolate.
Except better.

Because my sister . . .
she's memories, and love, and trust and uncontrollable giggling . . .
all rolled into one.

What makes it even better . . .
My kiddos love her kiddos. 

It's just a LOT of love, if you can't tell ;)

One of the best parts?

Miss Mona thinks I look like Barbie.
This is an actual picture of her with her Barbie named . . . Liz.

I don't think I need to tell you how that makes a lady with 402 eye wrinkles feel.

They are gone.
They left for home on Sunday.
But we'll be reunited again in July at our family reunion campout. Woohoo!
And we've got plenty to keep us occupied until then.

Today Sierra and Makenna have end of the year testing.
If you have a minute and would like to say a little prayer, it would be greatly appreciated.
They're a little anxious.
But excited to be wrapping up another homeschool year.

And this weekend we say goodbye to our precious friends, as they head off for new adventures in Kansas.  Our hearts hurt, but we are trying to find joy, knowing that they are being called to bigger things.

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Jenny said...

What a cute pic of the kids! So sweet. You do look like Barbie! That is adorable that she calls her Barbie Liz.

I am really close to my older sister and I totally know how you feel. She was in Michigan for 5 years and it was so hard. I am glad you all will get together again in July!

Kelli said...

I think I teared up three times in this post...your words about your sister (priceless), that you're a Barbie (I totally agree) and friends moving. Wow! I will send up a little prayer...I know testing can be stressful!

Colleen said...

I've always thought that you're a Barbie but didn't want it to sound offensive because you're gorgeous. Glad you take it as a compliment!

Emmy said...

So awesome you and your sister are so close and that the kids have fun together too- total added bonus. Life definitely gets busy.

Valerie said...

Awww, what a sweet post...I'm loving that Barbie Liz! :) Hugs to you. I understand about posting...life can just get so very busy! I hope our tornadoes don't scare off your dear friends!!! The girls are just precious!!!!!!!!!!

marie said...

I love your words about your sister, I feel the same way about my 2 sisters! To be with people who took care of you, did dishes with side by side, worked in the yard and walked to school together, hey, even fought and made up a hundred times, it's the sweetest thing.

Wishing you the best with all of your trials as of late, remember we are all in this crazy hard life together, hope there is some light coming your way.

And you totally do look like that Barbie!

Jamie Jo said...

Oh, so happy you got to spend time with you sister!! Such fun memories for your girls to get together with their cousins too!

Of course we all think you look like Barbie, but to hear it from a child, well, that's the biggest compliment of all!

extra prayers for testing kiddos!

Connie Weiss said...

I'm going to have to agree....you DO Look like Barbi.

I feel the same way about my sister! I hate that she's so far away.

Macey said...

Awww...i love that you had this wonderful get together!! :)


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