Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Camping Tees

We are back from our annual week-long camping trip, and I am EXHAUSTED.
As if the "normal" amount of work after a camping trip wasn't enough, we came home to a fun flea surprise courtesy of Miss Sophia the kitty whom, I swear, only made it out of the house a couple of times.  Though you'd think she found a whole family of fleas to roll around in and happily share with our home :/

Important wisdom for me to stash away: NO MORE ANIMALS IN THE HOUSE.
If anyone is still reading my blog and perplexed by my lack of posts . . . there you have it.
Camping prep + camping trip + flea problem = No time for Blog :(

Before we headed out camping, we had to make some cute tees to wear.
It was a must.

The super fun part about this project is that it's virtually free.
And free is almost a necessity these days.

I have four hundred million pieces of scrap fabric, and each of the girls already had a tee to use.


We cut out wheels and a "hitch" ;)

And the girls thought they should fancy them up with a door and window.

And the finished product:

Supplies for your own:
Old or New Tee
Scrap fabric
Steam-A-Seam 2
Needle & Thread {or sewing machine}

Go make a shirt.
Go camping.

I'm off to finish the 42 loads of laundry that await me.
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Jenny said...


Yikes about the fleas. I hope they are gone and Sophia is feeling less itchy now.

Connie Weiss said...

So freakin adorable!!

I just inherited a cat. So I don't want to talk about fleas!

Busy Bee Suz said...

The T-shirts are JUST adorable! I'm glad your trip was fun....until it ended.
Fleas happen even if your pets never venture outside. :(
Did you read up on borax??? It is kid/family/pet friendly and it works.


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