Saturday, June 29, 2013


Words cannot describe how HAPPY I am
that we have finally gotten ahold of some gorgeous weather!

This time, right now . . . this exact "moment" of the year, is my absolute favorite.
We've gotten past the drizzly June days, and are moving right into a whole lotta Summer fun.

I cannot begin to tell you the happiness that is opening our windows wide at night to let in the cool Summer breeze.  Seeing the daisies in bloom everywhere.  Fresh berries.
Oh, I just love it!

We have camp-outs, and barbecues, and birthdays, and day trips, and playdates to look forward to.

And pool time.

Lots and lots of pool time. 
 Ahhhh, I love Summertime!
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Jenny said...

So fun! Kam's swimsuit is adorable!

Sarah Shumate said...

I just love the sunshine! I know you appreciate it even more than I do since you get so many rainy days during the rest of the year. I guess I'm about to get a little taste of that myself now that we're in London. It's pretty here right now, although not swimming pool weather, but I'm sure come winter I'll be holed up in my cozy flat and hibernating!

Emmy said...

Summer really is wonderful.. especially the no pressure and being able to just stay in our pj's all day if we really want to

Busy Bee Suz said...

Such a cute little pool bunny! Your summer is so much better than ours. I'm sure it is shorter, but i think it is more 'pleasant'.
Did you say you go to barbecues??? LOL


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